Tuesday, March 20, 2007


awesome about the trip, al. looking forward to it!

so the weekend past was fantastically amazingful. had yet another fun friday night, a pretty peachy keen saturday, and a mirthful st-patty's sunday. Ffej, as usual, was most amuzing and distracting.

her royal adorableness was, as is the norm, pretty cuddleable.

tonight? MARTINIS, baby! wow, i'm turning into quite the drinker in my early thirties!

let's see. drinking days since last friday:
friday: check. 2 scotches. 1 stella artois. 1 seabreeze.
saturday: check. 1 beer.
sunday: check. 3 guiness, 4 jameson, 1 goldschlager, 8 glenfiddich, 4 vodka.
monday: 1 stella artois.
tonight: 1 martini.



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