Friday, February 16, 2007

will wonders never cease...

i've taken a foray down ebay land, and bagged me a couple of xbox games. saved a good amount of cash, which is always nice, and subject cash will be used to further toughen up my liver tonight.

i'm Captain Lethargic today. it'll be interesting to see just how much i manage to accomplish. there are Important Corporate Things to do, of course, which, of course, are of critical value to the universe itself. everyone knows these things, right? those important and stressful thingies one must go through, believing with all certainty that life as we know it cannot go on without their completion.

oh, watched Devil Wears Prada last night. Meryl is fantastic, the Giant Eyes and Lips lady was stealing Drew Barrymore's mojo all night (Hathaway? Hallaway? Forgotten in Three Years?), but the script was written by 50 monkeys. Hail to thee, accepted convention! Huzzah! We shall worship thee with time honored and wagon-wheel-rutted tradition.

To be honest, or as my friend PG Wodehouse would say, To b. h., it was a good time (g. time), and if you have 2 hours to blow in the near future, are in a videostore and wondering what to get, pick this up. if nothing else, you get to see stanley tucci pract. his craft.

when the hell are you coming up here, Al?


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