Wednesday, August 08, 2007

just a thought

as professional sports evolve, things get strange. my my, what a hypocritical world we live in...

consider baseball. barry bonds broke the all-time home run record last night, but it's been nothing but steriod this and performance-enhancing that.

are the bats the same today as they once were? (yes yes, everyone has access to the new technology).
well, does everyone have access to the same personal trainers? sports psychologists? dieticians? physiotherapists? why do they draw the line at steroids? all the other points i listed also make today's sports records vasty incomparable to yesteryear's...

just chill the fuck out, honour Hank Aaron for his previous home run record, set under different conditions where at any moment on the field he could have been eaten by a sabertooth tiger, having to hit basestones with a knarled lump of wood he had to fashion with his own teeth, and drive nails into the soles of his feet in lieu of cleats, which hadn't been invented yet, etc etc...

at the same time, modern science being what it is, and athletes being annointed practically from birth with the factors i mentioned above, today's records mean just as much, for whatever they're worth.

cripes, stop drawing arbitrary lines.

do we get to compare michael schumacher's F1 wins against Goggles Paisano's, with his steam powered stone-tired motorcar? sigh.

fucking peasants filling up the air with saveur-du-jour moral outrages.


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