Monday, July 07, 2008


for this past weekend. well, 90% of it in any case. friday afternoon i had one of the most agreeable rounds of golf ever. i tried my best to rise to a challenge and for the most part succeeded. there were two holes where my score kind of exploded, but on a hole for hole/shot for shot basis i acquitted myself well. more to the point, i had an absolute blast. i played with a relatively new friend of mine who's a member at the club i'm aiming to join next year and my accountant who is an absolute riot on the course. we were paired up with an older solitary dude who also turned out to be quite fun. granted, our casual repartee tends to be infectious and doesn't lend itself well to a somber quiet round of golf. however, the two-beer-in-one-hand-while-guiding-my-pullcart trick tends to bring levity to the most serious of rounds. my friend was hi-larious, and we played as well as can be expected. afterwards, our lovely blonds came to meet us for dinner, where we talked away the evening.
i ran into my father and mother separately on the course as well, thus completing the busted alibis all around.
saturday morning we went to view a property and i think, thus far at least, that it was very positive. saturday late afternoon was a bbq in my honour as i will be on the left coast during my actual birthday next weekend...
sunday was, well, mostly nice.


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