Thursday, January 25, 2007

that was most interesting

the floaty dizzy wave that hit me while having coffee with da 'Foo yesterday...
isolated experience, with no other telling symptoms that i can think of.

in other news, it's freaking cold today. sort of invigorates one's self. sort of. then again, so does a seabreeze served glistening with condensation under a palm tree on a not too warm day in south florida.

it's a shame south fla. is crammed chock full of ancient blue-hairs. the only area that doesn't really feel like God's waiting room is the oddly international tourist spot called south beach. that, on the other hand, is locust-plague thick with taiwanese camera clickers and six foot tall black transvestites. oh, and japs, (the jewish kind, not far eastern). lots and lots of japs.

mind you, the part of florida where our apartment is has a quiet peacefulness that i wouldn't trade for touristaland ever.

just got word that the Big Legal Contract Thingie appears to be coming to a close! WOOT!


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