Thursday, January 17, 2008

here ya go!

Hi all,
Frightened as I was of Canadian rye whiskey (and rightly so, considering my deep deep bond with mellowed southern bourbon), I stumbled upon a massively tasty cocktail last night. The choices were Labatt blue (dear God in heaven), unknown wine, rye whiskey, or amaretto. I had brought over some ginger ale, at the request of mein dear friend, but was unnerved by the whiskey. It just sat there on the table, vibrating slightly as if about to scream SHAZAM! and fly off, ricocheting destructively off anything breakable in the room.

The ginger ale I combined with 3 fingers of amaretto in a highball glass with two icecubes. The result was, as Ffej put it, something that tasted like really good melted icecream.

Be warned. It’s freaking sweet, probably could use a splash of bitters and a fruit wedge to make it a full-fledged cocktail, and while the colour is akin to a nice scotch amber, it is very “gin and tonic” looking, at least image-wise. (y’know, there’s the hot martini-sipping mini-skirt, the rugged Harrison ford scotch drinker, the Oi! Oi! Oi! vodka shooter, and the used-car-salesman-in-a-rumpled-suit g&t nervous stir-er). However, if you’re looking for something tasty every once in a while, consider this the liquid version of a piece of Dunn’s cheesecake: Something you seldom have but find really tasty when you do, and be sure to stop at 2 servings or you WILL be sick.


Thanks. Carry on.

Oh, and the excitement at how soon I will be seeing Cloverfield knows no bounds. This is the second time something this cool has happened to me. The first was when I found out about Romero’s Land of The Dead about 2 weeks before it opened (Holy Crap! I can’t WAIT to see that movie!!! When is it coming out, like next year? Oh! Next week! YAY!). The second was yesterday. I was reading that Diary of the Dead was going to come out shortly (yay! Yay! Yay!) and happened on a few commentors mentioning “Cloverfield”. Having no idea what it was, on to google I went. Imagine my joy at discovering this treasure and finding out that it opens tomorrow!

*happy feet*


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Yeah...We should hang while your lady is in fortress Europa. Drink some bad booze and talk about nothing in particular.

I'll call...

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