Wednesday, May 07, 2008

frackin' spellcheck

you have diminished me. i misspell werdz now and don't even notice anymore, because when i type in microsoft word, it bloody autocorrects. i have lost the step of proofreading for spelling errors, which i think has carved out a small piece of civilization from my soul.

you know, it was bad enough when computers replaced typewriters. with typewriters, i would pull out the page and have a satisfying read while checking for mistakes and whatnot. that's an experience that is long gone for all but the most ardent and determined of traditionalists. and maybe argyle-wearing pipe-smoking writers who insist on living by themselves in old decrepit apartments while the shoeboxes full of money threaten to topple over and crush them where they sit.

oh, my friend's new car is fantastic, and i'm enjoying his old one far too much.


Blogger alan said...

turn off auto correct. Keep on the red squiggly underlining thingie so you can see where your typos are.

me, being practical.

Joe Hill, Heart-Shaped Box. Seriously.

8:56 AM  

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