Thursday, June 29, 2006

that was a fun time!

we spent the day and most of the night with ali's friend Aniya and her boyfriend Egons, who happens to be the guitarist for the second biggest band in the country. i found this out only after remarking how everyone seems to know him...
it was pretty cool to drink with a legitimate rock star in this country.
raced the formula go-carts at the outdoor track yesterday and was given a clinic on schumacher style dirty racing by a kid no older than 16. that was a wholely entertaining and highly humbling experience.
more fun today, and tonight....we're going to a Buddy Guy concert! next week, if we're able to, we'll go see Billy Idol.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

oh yeah, one more thing.

there's actually a town here called Ogre.

what a nice country

so far, it's been quite incredible here.
two things lest i forget:
1-they have elves here (i wanted to explore some old abanoded houses and ali's mom explained that we shouldn't because elves live there. another day, we're walking past some random collapsed shed and i notice two chairs nearby, and ali's dad tells me that elves live there too).
2-they sell hard alcohol shots by the meter here. as in, you order a meter's (or half meter) worth of shots. they line up the glasses accordingly.

i love it here, and don't really want to return to the fucking mess very much.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

oh, and one more thing

a couple of nights ago we watched romero's original dawn of the dead. don't mistaken this for that well made but stand-alone remake. this one is firmly in the romero mythos and it is freaking awesome. overlook the cheap zombie makeup and enjoy it for the brilliant social commentary and witty analogies. me, i'll just enjoy it for the 357 magnum shots to the head, exploding melon style. you intellectual bastards.

Congradulations, Za!!!!

wow, there are certainly a lot of girls hatching these days...
i choose to look at this as a very good omen. if a lot of girls are being born, it surely must mean that God's aware of a coming catastrophe, like, oh, ZOMBIE HORDES? cuz, y'know, we'll need many women in order to take care of us while we're out fighting zombies, and then to repopulate the species after.

i, for one, have already payed in full for my 357 Magnum. Now i just gotta wait until the esteemed surete du quebec clears my permit. see? ali was right. it's a good thing i didn't make that loser's face bleed with my hands on sunday in traffic.

happy birthday bruno.

bon voyage, carlo and ali. next stop, london. then, helsinki (zzzzzzzzzzz), and then Riga, just in time for the pagan midsummer thingie.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

that's an interesting, if depressing, fact.

three years ago, i was in the process of sealing a very large order while in europe. this time, it looks as though the death throes of that customer have begun, just in time for my trip.

i really don't care, as there is plenty of other good stuff in the works, but it's stressing out my father, and that is upsetting to me.

if it were a legitimate competitive issue, i'd be totally fine with it. on the other hand, this is a very large company that has departments, that wonderful concept. the purchasing guy just wants to talk price at the expense of everything else. expediting and quality consistency become somebody else's problem, and that somebody else doesn't make the decisions. transport costs are another department, and that guy doesn't call it either.

wonderful shit. then, you realize these are 80k+/year stooges that have expense accounts and fucking travel budgets, and they go after their suppliers for pennies.

i'm now fully aware of the stupidity involved in dealing with companies large enough to siphon off some of their revenue to pay people as "human resources coordinators" and such.

if you're so big that you can't directly tie your staff to the bottom line, you are bloated and inefficient. basically, american.

Monday, June 19, 2006

so very close...

i hope there's a beer or two in my immediate future, mit mein freund Ffej.

y'know, it's not the heat so much as the humidity. *ducks*

Friday, June 16, 2006

hello friday.

we're off to Riga in 5 days time. We'll be there in time for the country-wide midsummer night celebration. It's nice to see an ancient pagan culture survive to this day. I guess it's good for them that Rome never noticed them, because they've managed to maintain an extremely distinctive flavour that can be traces quite easily all the way back to their beginning.
Most of the Europe that I know has sort of blended together, albeit with little quirks that differentiate.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

ugh. what a night!

slept poorly. i know, i know, you're thinking that's impossible.
we leave in 6 days.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

this is getting out of hand.

now i gotta buy a .44 magnum too. i tried one yesterday and freaking loved it. no twitching, decent results, and what a BANG! wow.

today? stay outta trouble until i can get over to the golf course after work.

keep your distance.

Monday, June 12, 2006

that was a very very pleasant weekend.

it began with a lakefront, and apart from a single very persistent spelunking mosquito (he kept trying to explore the deep dark recesses of my ear canal) it was wonderful. i didn't even care about the poor weather. we drank some scotch (thanks, meestair noohtohn), split a can in half with a bb pistol, and watched king fu hustle.

sunday began with a round at the shooting club, where we played around with a couple of our rifles (i must practice more, as i am teh suxxors lately) and then shot 2 boxes of 9mm. one of them, we fired through this beretta tactical mini-rifle jobbie, which lit up my brother's eyes when he held it. i think he's secretly a navy seal or something.

last night, we watched Romero's Day of the Dead, and it was freaking fantastic. i absolutely adore his mythos, and can't wait for the next one (Road of the Dead?)...

anyhoo, see yous later. today, Italia begins her quest to break my heart against Ghanna (sp?)...

Friday, June 09, 2006

bought myself a pretty toy last night.

smith & wesson model 19-3 (about 30 years old and in impeccable shape, same as me! ;p) in .357 Magnum.

i should be picking it up when we get back from europe.

tonight we leave for a night in the country. looking forward to getting away from these fuck-o's...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

ja. it's definitely time for a vacation

the first thing i see tends to set me off.
hate em all.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

i'm not ready for a kid yet.

that was made very clear to me this morning. we tend to keep the patio door in the bedroom slightly open at night, and at about 7am i was awoken by the top of her lungs screaming of that poor poor suffering little devil spawn next door.
what in the holy fuck is so miserable in that little maggot's life that would cause her to screech constantly like that almost every single day. more importantly, what the flying fuck are her idiotic parents thinking to allow her to continue.
parents can no longer discipline kids, which is a result of some folks crossing the line between punishment and abuse, but that kind of tantrum requires her head to be spun around 360 degrees.

i'm not ready for children of my own. i'm sure it's natural that they are going to feel the need from time to time to communicate to the entire planet via screeching that they are the epitome of suffering, and my initial reaction to that appears to be rage. i'm mistakenly assuming that little runts actually have minds and can be reasoned with...

and that' to grow on!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

it's a new sunny week

hit some balls yesterday. it went well, and maybe all the hard work is starting to pay off.

regarding the office, i'd rather not think about it. to say i'm a little burned out is a slight understatement.

my initial "they can all rot in hell" reaction to the peasants is not necessarily the best one.

mind you, they walk around with this cute little sense of superiority...i'd just love to show them how replaceable each and every one of them is...

i'd also love to show them everything i do in a given day to make sure they actually end up with a salary...

ah, self-important clerks. how endearing.

but enough about that. everybody already knows i'm an asshole, so tirades like that are no surprise, i hope.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

inventory day is here.

so help me, if people are late today i'll be upset. very very upset.