Tuesday, April 29, 2008


um, i bought Grand Theft Auto IV today.
*bows head*
i'm nerdy.
sorry to disappoint/confirm suspicions/shock and alarm all y'all.

erm, ali's nearly as excited as i am about it, and that's just awesome.

oh! on another similar note, i bought 3 more TP's (that's trade paperbacks to you un-geekified types) of that zombie holocaust comic book. ali was with me on sunday when we were trotting around town. we ended up downtown after a brief session at Tam Tam's on the mountain and decided to walk into a comic book store or two in search of my beloved zombie comic. you should have seen the looks on the faces of the folk in the stores when they got a load of SWMBA. it was great for my ego. and then at the last store (Comico on Pierce) we walk in and i ask the Kevin Smith wannabe (when he finally got off the phone, anyway) where The Walking Dead tp's are. ali was searching the stacks for it and he says, "She's hot." (he meant it as in "You're getting warm...warmer...colder...etc), but of course I replied "Yes. Yes she is." without missing a beat. he turned bright red beneath his hoodie, beard, and sunglasses. i walked out feeling like a champ.

it doesn't take much to please me, really.

Friday, April 25, 2008


i've had the Conversation and everything is instantly resolved. well, the changes will be coming in over the next sorta little while, but the fact that it's happening has incredibly changed my outlook and mood for the better.

the canadiens gutted one out yesterday. i brought SWMBA a giant bouquet and took her to a very fansheh (connery-esque pronounciation of "fancy") italian restaurant for dinner. awesome night, all in all, and i'm well on the road to making-up-to-SWMBA-due-to-my-longstanding-funky-mood land.

happy weekend everybody.

oh, and next thursday at 1:31 pm I've my first tee time of the year.

i'm happy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


it's unfortunate. i know i'm right and virtuous and should champion my cause, because the injustice and general massive "NOT FAIR!"-ness of the whole situation has rendered it completely untenable. however, i appear to have lost my spine, not regarding actually facing the issue, but regarding my confidence in controlling the rage sharks.
yesterday, i chaired a meeting/audit/touchy-feely meeting with our biggest customer. i was told i'd chair this meeting at 4:00pm the day before, and while it was filled with words and acronyms like "TCO" (Total Cost of Ownership), LCC (Low Cost Countries), partners, "Run Items" (similar to "Action Items") and so forth, I think i acquitted our company and myself well enough that the Global Procurement Manager made a point of personally thanking me a few times, and the beers with the two other managers afterwards reinforced the excellent impression we left. I've got the outward courage to do things of many natures. it's the internal kind that's sorely lacking.
i already had an excellent opportunity this morning to have the necessary conversation, but it went poorly, because at the first arrogant dismissal i began to fume, and at the first clear sign of a complete lack of understanding the scope of things i lost the ability to speak. i started "Mmmm-hmmm"'ing instead, because i realized that the person i was speaking with was neither willing to see my side of things nor capable of understanding just how deep the problem ran...

i'm sad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dagnabbit to Heck!

why'd you have to tell me *now* that you're having a birthday party friday night, you rapscallion, you?

erm, i can't make it. sorry.

on a brighter note, the montreal canadiens have advanced to the next round of the playoffs. the post series riots have begun. gotta love this fucking hick town sometimes.

it paws at culture and affects at being all european and elegant but when it comes down to it we're a bunch of drunk Coureurs Des Bois.

in other news, work work work.

in other other news, my dad's old friend is back in town. this brilliant dude is like harrison from mosquito coast. i really like him.

Monday, April 14, 2008

happy happy joy joy

hey folks,
guess who's back at the office? guess who suggested that i man the upcoming tradeshow (tomorrow) by myself? when I mentioned that perhaps I should have someone with me in case I have to take a fucking leak or if more than one person comes to the fucking booth at the same time, guess who suggested that the others in my office have 'real work to do'?
ayup, you figured it out. my boss is back.

now what? well, with many recent revelations which may or may not have something to do with my quitting smoking, i've got a decision to make. i've already asked some necessary questions, whose answers will determine my next move. one thing i know for certain beyond a shadow of a doubt is that i shan't continue in this direction for much longer. which is most relieving.

um, token apologies if while reading my online memory/reminiscing tool you get confused, etc etc.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


i was awoken at 5am by a crying baby. i can honestly say that's the first time i've had that happen to me. i've been awakened by stomping two year olds hurling bolts of lightning and firing trebuchets about in the room next door or over my head, but never before has a wee little (well, she's scandinavian, so not so wee) baby's scared crying woken me up before.

it wasn't entirely unpleasant. that is a fantastic little creature, and i'm glad to have it around for a couple of weeks. i know for a fact that SWMBA is over the moon, considering she hasn't seen her sister in person for a few months now...

now i've just got to get used to baby seats and diapers strewn about my very grown-up oriented flat.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dear William Shatner,

Much as I love you, and lord knows you just keep on giving and giving (thank you for Boston Legal, by the by), I think we've grown together to the point where maybe you can accept my growing love for Gary Busey. Think of the fun we'll have at poker night, assuming Gary Oldman, Al Pacino and Christopher Walken show up.



All must watch:

i am going to outlast them

as i am quite the stubborn fellow. for example, i have finally had enough of the Neverending Co-oooold (Ah ah Ahhhhhh...) so i've made the Healthy Choice(tm) and won't look back from it.

the problem i'm trying to...

oh Awesome! Freedom '90 by George Michael is playing on the radio. Sweet. Oh yeah.

Anyhow, what i was saying is that i have to coordinate a drive back to st-leonard, the technician coming chez nous at noon, the picking up of the Ffej at 5pm, and the vestigial cold i'm stomping down on.

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

am i regressing?

i'm thoroughly enjoying reading the Walking Dead comic book, i'm super excited about Grand Theft Auto IV coming out on the 29th of April, and these days i'm primarily preoccupied with the sillier pursuits...

hrm. i don't seem to be growing up much, and tend to spend most of my time wrapped up in or stimulating my imagination.

i guess reality, the mundane, and society/culture-dictated norms of what i should be doing with my time don't do much to captivate me...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

guy night

wow. so many folk would disapprove if they found out the specifics of my evening last night. well, maybe the bible-thumpy types, and certainly the jackboot-wearing politically correct militia would freak out.

suffice it to say that my shoulder is a little sore, i'm more tired this morning than i like to be, and i have a slight headache.

looking very much forward to hangin' with my cousin and folk on friday.