Monday, July 31, 2006

new week ho! woot.

nice weekend in the country. the cottage is cute as hell, and i really enjoyed myself there. we sailed the seven seas (well, motorboated the single lake, but you get the idea), had an old fashioned bbq (no propane was harmed in the cooking of this meal), and stargazed for a while.

the cottage is beautiful, the land is expansive and PRIVATE, and the lake is warm and pretty.

this week, i hopefully get to see me good buddo Ffej. The 'Foo is in Toronto (God preserve his soul) for 5 weeks, my brother's back from his vacation in Florida, and my folks are still in the States till Wednesday or so. Hopefully the 'or so' extends into September, as the break is quite refreshing.

We can only dream.

Oh, and we watched Plunkett and Macleane last night at long last, marcmarcmarc.

Friday, July 28, 2006

word of the day: imagination

we bought a few movies last night before heading over to house-sit my folks' giant haunted mob mansion.
my intention was to buy 28 Days Later, a very well made (read: non-hollywood) pseudo-quasi zombie flick. it has that almost orgasmic beginning where someone wakes up and discovers the entire city has been abandonded/overrun/exterminated and must find his way and figure stuff out. anyway, we succeeded in buying a nice copy of this movie at the third store we hit, but not before also buying a 2 disk version of Unforgiven (one of the greatest westerns EVAR), the director's cut remake of Dawn of the Dead (I don't care if it's not Romero's version, which I also have. Ving is cool), and Tango and Cash for Clayton. Hey, it was cheap, and he loves that movie.

oh, and conga rats to you, 'Foo. hope the thang works out.

things to do today: 1- drop lamps off at work for repair.
2- drop off clothes and food at home, and get danny's keys.
3- go to mom & dad's to check on the fucking bird and eat lunch.
4- pick up danny's car & head back to office.

Oh, and fit some work stuff in there too.

meh. not too bad, and the weekend promises glory and up-northness.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

sleep deprivation

is the cheap high. who needs mushrooms when all you have to do is spend 4 weeks in a row sleeping about half the amount you usually need.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

looking forward to next week

we are tentatively booked to head over to this special little spot in vermont with a good friend of mine next (not this) weekend. i'm eagerly anticipating it.

i was awoken by a crazy parrot at 6 this morning. i can't recall what a good night sleep feels like, actually. it's been a while.

i've got two irritating things to take care of at work today. let's get it on, then.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

new week ho!

plenty o' stuff going on this week. work seems to be fine, with minimal craziness. i dropped my folks off at the airport at 6 this morning (ugh) and our social calendar is booked solid for the remainder of the week.
we're headed up to the cottage this weekend, which will be nice.

as for other stuff, keep your eyes peeled.

that obscure zombie survival guide apparently has been fucking optioned by fucking brad pitt. stay outta my fantasy, you mainstream hollywood leeches.

for posterity and to avoid any me-too-isms that are sure to arise from this, I've been working out the details for my own zombie book for a while now, so in a year or so when it's done, remember that i started it BEFORE all the zombie popularity...

something came up in a conversation with me buddo this morning: Shaun of the Dead missed a glorious opportunity involving Nerf guns.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

why am i so sleepy today?

had a nice bbq at me uncle's place to celebrate my grandfather's birthday, but we weren't home all that late. i can't quite fathom why i'm a little queasy and a lot tired this morning.
marcmarcmarc gave me an AWESOME present last night, the Zombie Survival Guide. Granted, I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject, but you can never know too much when it comes to the Stubbornly Alive. Remember, you can come along, but you gotta keep up and be useful.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

meeting went...well?

we will know in the coming weeks, anyway.
i held up well in the meeting and my father was very pleased with my performance, which is reassuring.
gotta remember to send out an email before tonight, as my plans have changed.
today should prove to be quite low key, which suits me just fine, and there's a tasty salami sammich in the fridge softly cooing my name.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

BIG meeting today

which could be a whole lotta fun. we'll see what really comes of it. my main concern is the colleague who's responsible for bringing this in. he's extremely good at getting business in general, and his customers really (and justifiably) trust him, but he's shockingly terribly at administrating anything. he'll be in the meeting, and i'm worried he'll 'bull in a china shop' the whole thing.

apart from that, no plans for tonight, save for the tasty corn we're gonna make. should be nice to just relax.

forgot my .357 at home today, so i guess i'm not going to the club after work. colon open parentheses.

Monday, July 17, 2006

very pleasing sunday afternoon

we went to meet me buddo for a pint downtown, bought a much needed book, and then headed back to my place. a couple of friends showed up for a swim and bbq, and though my grilling skeelz are 1337, i had little to do with the overall tastiness of the meal. that was entirely due to our hunger levels and the really awesome flavour of da stuff itself.

one of my peons here is being a royal pain in my arse. i guess it's due to the fact she doesn't have air conditioning.

if you don't have any, and can deal with it, great. if you don't have any and you think it gives you permission to be all prickly and whatnot, forget it. spend the 200 bucks on a small window unit and STFU.

woke up with a very painful headache, for some reason. i didn't drink last night, and i can't quite figure out where this piercing pain could have come from.

Friday, July 14, 2006

can't wait for the weekend

which is almost here. i've gotta write a report for da boss today, go over some crap with my brother before he leaves on holiday, and deal with the usual morons around here.

tonight's going to be (hopefully) a nice dinner with friends.
tomorrow night's another thing too.

off we go, then.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


i was watching ali coo my cousin's little one to sleep last night, and it was really cool. women have this amazing instict when it comes to those things. i'm not saying i hold a baby out at arms length like it's oozing nuclear waste when it starts crying, but there's a real difference here between us and them.

i'd love one of those things, but there's no way in hell i'm ready, which kinda sucks...

ali's just amazing, really.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

it's my birthday.

not feeling much in the way of woohoo and such.

gonna go play with my new toy this afternoon at some point, then have my friend over for some kind of dinner tonight.

i don't wanna be back yet. too short! too short!

Monday, July 10, 2006


wow. amazing, really. though i think Italy's defining match was the semi final against Germany. I believe they took France far too lightly.

Mais pourquoi? Mais pourquoi?

LOVE it!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

bay-bees keep fallin' on my head...

my cousin spawned, my good friends bolga have a sequel, son of Evil has risen, and now someone really close to me is pregnant too. wtf?

we come home in two days (saturday evening), and i foresee much sadness and despair throughout the land, if by land you mean She Who Must Be Adored. I'm not sure how many readers I currently have, but i'd really really appreciate it if those of you who know and care about her were to warmly welcome her back, to remind her that all is not Teh Suxxors. understandably, this will probably be her perspective until Notre Ville gets back under her skin.

anyhoo, see yāll soon enough. yāll? freaky latvian keyboard. why apostrophe aye elle elle.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

just got back from a weekend by the sea

we spent a couple of days with ali's family at some cabins by the sea about 150km's from Riga. that was nice, and so were the vodka evenings.
magical vodka fairies kept refilling my glass every time i looked away.

tonight we head over to ali's good friend's house. tomorrow we romp in the old city again, and then at 4 i go get a nice big tatoo.

after that one, i'll only need 2 more to finish what i started 15(!!!) years ago.

i'm really enjoying myself here, and pretty much the only thing i'm looking forward to upon my return, apart from my hobbies, is hanging out with a few of my friends.

my birthday is coming up on july 11, and this year i'll put enough thought into what i want to do so i don't end up passing a token evening filled with whatevers and meh's aplenty.