Tuesday, August 31, 2004


no Bab5 last night (sorry, Loyal Reader!). instead, i spent an hour infuriating myself with the utter lack of vacancies in Old Quebec this coming weekend (unless you fancy a 600$+ per night room at Chateau Frontenac). Were i one of those 'conspicuous consumption' guys, i would be all over that, but seeing that the jury is still deliberating on that one i'll have to pass. Then, Ali came along and solved the issue in, oh, the amount of time it takes for me to have an anger cigarette. We're now destined to sleep in one of them thar 'heritage' house b&b's saturday and sunday. ahhhhh....
There will be a distinct LACK of cell-phone as of saturday morning, though i will be checking it ONCE per evening in case of emergencies.

Incidentally, i've often thought how the dumbing down of civilization is causing, among other things, music to seriously and royally SUCK. I'm talking the trickle down effect going back to Beethoven, man. And then, every once in a LOOOOOONG while, current musicians release albums that will indeed be spared in the Great Purge.

Peter Gabriel - So
Pink Floyd - Division Bell
Dire Straits - Making Movies (?) (The red cover with the blue border on the right side).
and the ultimate album of Our Age:
Paul Simon - Graceland (shut up! you don't have to like his music to understand how seamless and finely crafted those songs, each and every one, really are.)

Honourable mentions have to go out to key songs (Sinnerman - Nina Simone), timeless live shows (AC/DC), great interviews (never die, Johnny Rotten!), way existential personas (the Ramones, Madonna (over and over again), et al...

Those albums can safely live alongside that greatest 'pop' album of its time, Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Incidentally, if any of you can find the following, i will pay you whatever you ask. It is the greatest recorded performance of Vivaldi's masterpiece i have ever heard. I no longer possess it, and HMV said it was discontinued. Description as follows:

Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
Violinist: Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.

The jacket shows her (curly redish hair) standing, holding her violin, and in a long black gown. The cover colours are predominantly green behind her, i believe.

pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease help me find this copy, great internet, and i shall put my plans to have all things computer DESTROYED on the back burner! i promise! Consider it a pact. Of Steel.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Note to Zzzzzzzzzzzz

my brain is tired! there is a long weekend coming up. i will block off some funds and get the hell outta dodge for a couple of days. otherwise, soon the bodies will be too numerous to count.

bab5 will be kind to me tonight, i pray. after that, i just gotta keep my head down for a few more days and pray no one does anything wrong...


alas, poor carlo.

and the weekend cried out, back to work sucka!

so, the Shadow war just ended last night.
*shudders in extasy*
G'kar did his thang with the chains, Cartagia bit the Caligula bullet at last, Londo again proved he's one of the great character actors of our time. Incidentally, i can no longer look at Ivanova without that sly "i've seen your boobies" grin on my face. it feels somehow dirty now whenever she's onscreen.


ps: no more bloodbowl for carlo. sheesh. there i was, as far away from the land of fun a guy can be, with nothing even remotely resembling a map in my posession, and with at least another one of these excursions to look forward to...
me and my short attention span. oh well...

Friday, August 27, 2004

bab5 update

tonight there was none. zip. zero. no bab5 watching.
the suck. oh, the suck.

tomorrow morning i get to play my last bbowl game of the regular season (oh, yay. whoopee.).
at least i (hopefully) get to field Agamemnon the Crippler.
i'm so very tired of the game, actually. more specifically, i'm tired of caring about it so much. if i play next year, i strongly suspect i'll field something with very little chance of actually scoring. this way, mayhaps i will not get the 'concentration stress' that i get right now. this game is important to me. i WANT to finish first, and this is forcing me to concentrate on it, which is causing stress.
on the other hand, i took these chaos dwarves for precisely this reason, cuz i figured it'd be next to impossible to win with them, and yet...
anyhoo, tallyho! to bed.
enjoy the poker, guys. i wish i coulda been there. thanks for saving me a seat. thanks for breaking my cow lamp.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

oh, oh, oh yeah

season 3 just ended.
oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhh.
it is so far beyond awesome it may just suck.
blown away. captivated.

And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place. (black folk song lyrics which are the inspiration for one of the Greatest Songs Of All Time, Sinnerman by Nina Simone).
ah, Londo, my good dear friend. sit! have a drink!

damn damn damn. and i cannot drink a martini with marc and go omg!omg!omg! with xtien about bab5 tomorrow night.

*orc peon voice*
more work?


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

absolute unadulterated sheer brilliance

would you like a reference of what seamless time-travel episodes should look like?
watch bab5 season three episode 13 ish and bask in proper storytelling as it should be.
we're talking flashbacks to 2 years prior and flash forwards to the bitter end.

on another note, perhaps one day this will make sense to me:
tomorrow morning has evolved as follows:
my day originally involved me having to be in mirabel by 8:30. we're short people in production, so i've transferred someone from montreal to mirabel for tomorrow. my production "manager" told me i need to pick him up and drive him to mirabel (!). then, my car dealer in montreal told me my car's ready for pick up in the morning. then, one of the managers of the parent company decided to pay a visit up there and told me to drive her up (!). she lives in the opposite direction and owns a BMW, which i am fairly certain she is capable of driving.
all this before 8:30.

i hope the boys will understand when i can't make it to friday night because i'm curled up in a little ball under my bed, holding a dagger and wearing a meat helmet.

so i sez to the guy

i've managed to pull the following in from my vast network of unnamed sources:
Aliens vs Predator is awesome.
there ya go.
now i can safely go see it without the fear that it will pull a "french director" on me...
all that remains is to find the free time to be able to actually go to a theatre...

what about all that golfing you were gonna do this week, you may ask.
to you i say "bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

oh, and soon it will be time for death. sooooooon.

tension meter is in the RED

it's quite amazing just how much aggression, tension, and stress i have been obliged to deal with last night and today.
up to date, all my skills have been honed to SERVICE THE CUSTOMER, with all that entails. I've never before had to develop political interpersonnel office type bullshit abilities, and that shortfall is rearing its ugly head.
as far as i'm concerned, the only business life problems worth addressing are those that concern our clients. any other situations can be resolved by simply working hard and by no longer attempting to pass the proverbial buck. deal with the problems you discover, and do not waste time trying to find someone more accountable to the problem to fix it for you.
apparently, peons require regular watering and pruning, or they get all thorny and dry.
i'd much rather just get a giant weed wacker.
there will come a day. oh yes.
ali will of course be angry with me for dreaming of retribution, but hell, i can't be perfect! 'sides, they brung it on themselves.

tension meter is in the RED

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

and now it's time for...waiiiiiiiit...

it has finally dawned on me that everyone who is older than me is NOT necessarily therefore smarter/wiser/more capable.
new issue to ponder: how to divert their incompetent traits and channel their potential...

sunny day today. i may indeed play a round of golf or 4 this week...
fingers crossed, clubs prepared, snap-hook lurking...:(

Monday, August 23, 2004

Note to self

hangin' out with poochies in the dog run after receiving the order of a lifetime pt 1 is remarkably good for one's stress level.

Note to self 2:

blogs are addictive. instant self publishing. like so:



and now on to Bab5. Tonight's episode, the one after the one where Kosh kicked the Vorlon equivalent to a bucket.
coming tomorrow, an essay on what a vorlon bucket would be used for...

lest he be forgot

okay, and a li'l pox to my homie Narc, while we're at it...

Tell Iza i'm still a fascist. history will tell, and before any of you go on saying "Oh yeah, what about the Germans? They lost!" and "Oh yeah, what about the Italians? They lost!" and "Oh yeah, what about the Spanish? They lost!", to you I say just wait and see...

Remember, those who win rewrite history to suit their needs. There will come a time, oh yes, when you'll all open up the latest history books and see that you're WRONG!


ps: Another question to ponder, as the great Cfoo, Admiral of the U.S.S. Mindfuck asked in that famous episode of Friday Night Wit Da Boyz: What time is it?

To this i know the answer, of course! Four Thirty!

gotta love that tv

Sebastian (aka Jack the Ripper) from Bab5 asked "Who are you?"
I'm still trying to figure it out without being zapped.
Morden from Bab5 asked "What do you want?"
Also trying to figure that out without being swallowed up by the Shadows...

Think about it...

a pox on Cfoo for introducing me to that show, and a bigger class "a" pox on Xtien for supporting the habit with leet dvd's of the entire series...
what will i do when it's all over? luckily, survivor comes back in september.

ships passing in the night

oh, but that i could post neat-o link type thingies a la Narc's blog (pacanukeha.blogspot.something.somethingelse).
mind you, in order to do that, i would first have to actually "surf" that there web thang, and then "remember" what i've seen, after "categorizing" it as important enough to share with y'all...

we'll see how these randomly posted and randomly arrived at words set adrift in nothingspace come across...

till then, look at me! i'm all bloggy and shit.