Friday, March 30, 2007

hoooooookay, then.

to all my faithful readers:

i just got back from a lunch meeting with a customer of mine. see, this guy's brilliant, and a bit of a doomsday-er. the problem i'm having at the moment is that i can't find fault with any of his points.

the picture he's painting, particularly regarding the rapidly diminishing global oil supply/production, climate changes, etc, is that it is already too late even if we were to make all possible/necessary drastic changes immediately. the example i've used in the past is that it's like we're chasing a train, which holds immortality onboard (the train is the future, ie space exploration and mining, settling other worlds, limitless resources available out there, etc etc...), but we've already hit our top sprinting speed. we're slightly gaining on the train, but it's accelerating away, and very shortly we're going to run out of energy and start slowing down while the train will continue to accelerate away. game over.

so come on, peeps, chime in with counter arguments if you have any that you can substantiate. tell me there are mega discoveries on the immediate horizon that will revolutionize, revitalize, and reinvigorate our currently cancerous and viral capitalist dream.
tell me we're not going to get in our giant off road 12 cylinder 600 horsepower society and keep driving it down a meaningless road until the fucker's out of gas.

whoever figured that stagnation of the population (at over 30 fucking million people) in canada was a problem that MUST be addressed? i always figured there are too many people for the planet to sustain as it is, but it is completely accepted reasoning that we must continue to grow, increase our markets, sell more stuff, and buy bigger things. in other words, unless more happy consumers are born and we can sell twice the number of plasma screen cell phone/microwave oven combos next year as we did this year, we're doomed!


oh, and on a truly unrelated note, i hope my bestest bud Ffej is having a great time in cuba. more to the point, i hope he remembers enough of his trip to cuba to tell me some stories when he gets back. i wish i could have been there. i can only imagine the shenanigans and hijinks! oh, what a ruckus they must be causing.

well, here we are

at the end of the week. didn't accomplish nearly what i would have liked this week, but at the very least there were no crises.

tonight, now, ah now there's something to tell the kids about.

well, er, i'm older now. you should keep that in mind. i've no longer any greasy long hair, and Lust For Life doesn't start playing every time i walk into a scene.

so then, tonight, ali's off for dinner with some work types, and i'll be home all alone with me Xbox, at least until da 'Foo shows up after his shift.

mebbe marcmarcmarc too, but i have no way to check with him, as he's at a trade show all week.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


peaceful non-homicidal thoughts prevail!

but seriously, folks, i'm here all week.

hm...that Holly Cole song amazing pseudo-pop song from a few years ago "I just met a boy" (or is it "Falling"?) is playing on the radio. she has HUGE talents, that one.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

odd, strange, and off-putting

i appear to be back in the land of the foggy brain, populated by politicians, government officials, and most concerningly, the vast majority of the Great Unwashed...

my dreams have been mega, and my energy levels are suffering for it...

maybe i'm worried about ali getting her car.

maybe i'm concerned about the business these days.

meh. maybe i just need another drink.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


today is ali's birthday, by the by.


that's an unflattering picture of me you put up, Al. we don't approve of photos that begin to show our age.
the steffie photo is nearly as endearing as the little elf herself. she's really growing near and dear to me. if you keep her from montreal for too much longer, i may have to send the Iguanoid Shock Troopers on a little west coast holiday...

'member the things we talked about, and all those boring yet highly poignant points i made...

oh, and put a photo of She Who Must Be Adored up there, whydoncha?

Seb, the left coast's gain is our loss. out there, you can probably lift that symbolic pint 'with your mind', if'n you believe enough, dude. whoah.

Monday, March 26, 2007

huh? wha?

i could easily have slept another hour this AM. ugh. so al arrived, we ate, drank (only a little) and now he's gone again, only to return in 8 weeks for da wedding. i'm-a going to prepare two speeches. one will be conventional, receive some insincere applause, and be forgotten within moments, and the other, well... i'll be sure to screen it by She Who Must Be Adored first. if she nods her head, it's go time. spring has sprung, folks. of course, montreal wouldn't be complete if it didn't snow on the four of us while we were downtown, but now the weather's finally switched. gosh, i'm sleepy.

Friday, March 23, 2007


big al's in town. looking forward to seeing the old bastard tomorrow.

as for tonight, dunno. mebbe not a lot of much of anything, really...

hungry, am i.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

y'ever been paralysed by an acute lack of decision-making juice?

that's where i stand at the moment regarding ali and her car...
do we or don't we?
we can definitely afford it, but i'm kinda diggin' how we're rocking just one car these days.
kind-a old-school, you follow?
i don't wanna join the ranks of the great unwashed, where each person has a car, but it looks like the gods of practicality shall rear their ugly ugly heads.

hey, at least it'll be a nifty little toyota yaris, which is minimalist enough to perhaps pacify my inner one-car-per-family dude.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

cold am i

what an odd day. went to pick up my car, and boy was it cold! how cold was it? it was so cold i saw a bear wearing a fat lady!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


awesome about the trip, al. looking forward to it!

so the weekend past was fantastically amazingful. had yet another fun friday night, a pretty peachy keen saturday, and a mirthful st-patty's sunday. Ffej, as usual, was most amuzing and distracting.

her royal adorableness was, as is the norm, pretty cuddleable.

tonight? MARTINIS, baby! wow, i'm turning into quite the drinker in my early thirties!

let's see. drinking days since last friday:
friday: check. 2 scotches. 1 stella artois. 1 seabreeze.
saturday: check. 1 beer.
sunday: check. 3 guiness, 4 jameson, 1 goldschlager, 8 glenfiddich, 4 vodka.
monday: 1 stella artois.
tonight: 1 martini.


Friday, March 16, 2007

aaaaaaaand, we're back.

not as bad a drive as i thought. had a decent trip, did decent work, and lo! friday is upon us.
oh, um, st-patrick's day on sunday. i'll pre-write monday's blog entry:
ow ow ow ow ow.

Monday, March 12, 2007

all in all, a most agreeable weekend

friday night was fan-fucking-tastic! we had some old school "hangin' around", which was absolutely great. Ffej and I took out that no good mofo General Raam, we chipped at a bottle of Latvian wodka, and ate meh chinese food.

saturday involved home stuff, again very nice, and sunday was the adoring of Za's bebe.

today, i get to spend 5 hours in the car with the fucking wop version of the Tazmanian devil, after which i'll be in bloody toronto for three days, bookended with another five hours with the maniac in the car with me. *sigh*

Friday, March 09, 2007

it's really more of a memo than a mission statement

and i've thus far kept it to myself. i think it has some very relevant points, but i'm also pretty sure it's riddled with personal agenda points and personal issues too, cleverly covered by a delicious chocolatey coating. i've exibited tendencies to spin personal issues into official gripes before.

i sleepy, incidentally. looking forward to a huge amount of nothing this weekend.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

you ever seen jerry mcguire?

i've just written my own manifesto thingie, and no, it's not the one where by the 3rd point my iguanoid shock troopers have already seized control of all major access points to the capitol.

it's the corporate type, one where you discuss 5 year plans and financial directives and so on.

ugh. i'm now old enough to astound, frighten, mystify, and finally bore my 19 year old long-haired self. i can honestly say i wish i didn't have to grow up, but alas, i messed up somewhere along the line. michael jackson is god in this respect.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

odd odd weather

i had to crawl inside a tauntaun just to survive.

ahem, all livers hear this! all livers hear this! st-patrick's day approacheth.

i really enjoy the routine the past couple of years. mind you, i enjoy almost any leisure activity when ali's involved.

next week, 3 spectacular days in swanky trendy toronto. >:(

Monday, March 05, 2007

au au au

headache, slight queasiness. could this be monday?

what a nice weekend, by the by. we walked to the market friday (bought sushi and whatnot), saturday (wine, terrines, cheese, whatnot), and yesterday (wine, champagne, pastries, whatnot), and just generally enjoyed the weather.
do we drink too much? nope!

Friday, March 02, 2007

snow day!

well, i struggled into the office, but there's so much snow out there i may as well go home, now that the emailses is done.

wonder if we'll make it to a pub tonight?

only time, and my stubborn thirst, will decide.

"Huge hairy balls!"

FUCKING HILARIOUS, BUTCH!!!! you had me with the teary eyed, stomach-cramp, punch-a-priest-in-the-head laughing.