Monday, August 27, 2007


we had an altogether pleasant weekend. friday evening, we went on a little shopping romp, which is always fun to do with ali. saturday morning, we headed over to Orford for the wedding, checked in to our dorm-room, and off i went to a picnic bench on the grounds and set about writing. words flew left and right, and there was much carnage and lamenting in my wake.

oh, the wedding. we had tremendous fun, really, and even danced (!) along with clayton. can ya believe it?

yesterday, i was semi-conscious, not from a hangover, but strictly lack of sleep. my cousin, his wife, and baby came over for supper.

oddly, despite the ridiculous heat and absence of air-conditioning saturday, combined with my two-fisted scotch and sodas (they were so very cold and refreshing), i didn't wake up all dehydrated and head-achy...

this week, i fly to florida for a fun filled fucking business meeting.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

eager beaver

i'm bringing the wee laptop to bromont (knowlton? magog?) with me this weekend. my intention is to get there early-ish, and write a fucking outline. the only way i will be able to finish a novel is if i plan the bloody thing out from the beginning. my old habits, combined with a healthy lack of memory and a short attention span, often led to rambling and searching rather than definite path-walking.

i'm really rather looking forward to stretching my creative-writing muscles again after such a hiatus.

wonder what the story will be about? there are a few ideas rattling around in my head, but which will bear fruit?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i'm so embarrrrrrasssssseddddddd

i made a profile on facebook. why did i do that? i have no idea.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i feel fat

and sassy.

genius, i tell you.

we have the vieux quebec holiday coming up in 2 weeks, a brief soujourn in bromont (knowlton?) this weekend, and plenty o'fun during the week.

busy little bees, we are.

Monday, August 20, 2007

law vs justice

how do you take your crime, organized or not?

it seems to me that most of us in the west live in a very individualistic world. we're a large family of invidividuals, in other words. with our lemming-like dependance on legislation to tell us what to do, and a "catch me if you can" sense of right or wrong, we are seldom using our morals to guide us as to what we should and should not be doing.

most of us commit crimes very very regularly, be it littering, speeding, satellite tv piracy, song piracy, and so on. i don't have the engery to expound on why this is, or why it is so indicative of a greater wrong. the whole 'we're not living life in the best way possible for us as a species' thang is for another day, or rather another pint.

the issue i'm trying to jot down here for my own reference later has to do with what i refer to as dangerous crime. a year or so ago, the police triumphed over the italian mafia in montreal. the long version involves rats in new york from about 10 years ago starting a little snowball a-rolling. i remember wondering aloud as to how wise the government thought this action to be. crime is a constant that is NEVER going to be removed from a given community until we start addressing the macro points i refered to above. with this in mind, would you prefer the drugs in your city being controlled by 3 families, only dealt out of approved and supervised locations and distributed by accountable blue collar types. apart from extremely isolated areas, street pushers just simply weren't permitted to exist, gangs were essentially extinct as well, apart from a couple of necessary-evil types in 3 well known neighborhoods. loan-sharking, protection-rackets, prostitution and so forth was all managed as well.

i recall lamenting the mafia arrests, and having a friend of mine tsk tsk me and have at me with italian-mafia-supporter finger pointing. i responded truthfully. i abhor opportunists (again, in line with the big point earlier), and feel that the talent and intelligence required to stay out of jail and alive in the mob would also effectively guarantee you success in the "legitimate" world nowadays. this ain't the 50's anymore. italians are, despite the pur-laine troglodytes' opinions, now the equals of other quebecers, with the same opportunities and lack of discrimination. mostly.

the reason i was disappointed with the not-surprisingly short sighted action from the quebec law folk is as follows: the vacuum created by the arrest of many upper-management types created immediate infighting and jockeying for position from those that were left. my fears were justified when i started hearing more and more on the various news feeds about an appreciable increase in petty violent crime and gang-related murders. for Christ's sake, the Crips are fucking recruiting in NDG now.

you wanted toronto? well, keep it up and you'll get toronto. we used to have cops with revolvers who would go their entire career without firing them. the mafia would provide them the occasional bone to appease the press, and they went about their merry way. now they're in body armour (the cops) and only patrol certain parks and streets in groups.

i hear tell this may get better due to the interest of some other folk, but we really should stop and think for a minute. or rather for a decade or two. stop and think.

Friday, August 17, 2007

silly man

don't you know, sparky, that they re-did battlestar galactica a couple of years ago? it is one of the most imaginative and well-produced shows i've ever had the pleasure of watching. granted, it ain't perfect, but it comes pretty damn close.

starbuck's a chick now, as is boomer, and there is no cybernetic dog or awww-shucks kid kicking around.

the cylons still look eeeeeeeevil, but not quite so 70's shiny-plastic now.

we leave for the country yet again tonight. oh, how i enjoy it up there.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


this week is crawling by pretty slowly, which is actually nice for a change. this weekend, we head back up to the cottage (3rd week in a row, yo!) to celebrate my father's 59th birthday. ali and i are going to take a day trip to Tremblant village, so she can gaze in wonder at the fake swiss village.

oh, and i rock on so many levels. level 1, i booked us into a 200 year old inn for our Vieux Quebec weekend Sept 1. level 2, i got season 3 of battlestar galactica last night from me buddo. level 3, i brought her some icecream.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

when it comes to reminiscing,

i am muhammed ali, neil armstrong, elvis presley, leonardo da vinci, superman, gorbachev, arthur c clark, carl sagan, albert einstein, bill gates, nelson mandela, jacques cousteau, ludwig van beethoven, and cindy crawford.

no one can touch my ability to gaze fondly into the road already travelled, and lament over forks taken and paths missed.

we've taken to watching the first season of beverly hills 90210 and it turns out to be quite the trip down memory lane, for me at least. with fall approaching, this should be a good'un.

looking forward to drinks with me buddo this evening.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

nothing to see here

move along...move along...

Monday, August 13, 2007

again? oh, fer cryin' out loud!

last night i once again had to deal with the fucking dream. this one was longer and more protracted, and now i've the customary blech feeling in the pit of my tummy.

the weekend was very amusing. had a nice time, a huge adventure with the cursed toilet in the basement, and a most tasty "lasagna". the wine was slightly disappointing, due in part to the inferior glassware we used.

damn your eyes!

more to the point, damn my subconscious. why does it persist in playing games in my head.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i like

traffic lights.

well, what i really meant to say is that i tend to enjoy using this space as a sort of highlighter or bookmark on my state of mind any given day, normally in the morning, though sometimes as some thought or other prompts me to remember posting here.

i also enjoy going back to random periods and re-reading my posts. it's fun to remember how i felt at any given moment, or what point or thought managed to surface in my brain at the time i decided to log into blogger...

for example, at the moment i have reeeeeaaaallllly lllllllllow energy levels. ugh.


tonight promises to be a lot of fun.
hopefully the pint happens as well.

oh, and tomorrow night we trek back up to the cottage for the weekend.

the Bass will be up at his friend's place, one lake over from us, so we'll be seeing him too at some point.

lasagna and yalumba will be had by us.

yyyyyyyyyy-eeeeeaaaaaa boooooyeeeeee.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

just a thought

as professional sports evolve, things get strange. my my, what a hypocritical world we live in...

consider baseball. barry bonds broke the all-time home run record last night, but it's been nothing but steriod this and performance-enhancing that.

are the bats the same today as they once were? (yes yes, everyone has access to the new technology).
well, does everyone have access to the same personal trainers? sports psychologists? dieticians? physiotherapists? why do they draw the line at steroids? all the other points i listed also make today's sports records vasty incomparable to yesteryear's...

just chill the fuck out, honour Hank Aaron for his previous home run record, set under different conditions where at any moment on the field he could have been eaten by a sabertooth tiger, having to hit basestones with a knarled lump of wood he had to fashion with his own teeth, and drive nails into the soles of his feet in lieu of cleats, which hadn't been invented yet, etc etc...

at the same time, modern science being what it is, and athletes being annointed practically from birth with the factors i mentioned above, today's records mean just as much, for whatever they're worth.

cripes, stop drawing arbitrary lines.

do we get to compare michael schumacher's F1 wins against Goggles Paisano's, with his steam powered stone-tired motorcar? sigh.

fucking peasants filling up the air with saveur-du-jour moral outrages.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


another beautiful day, another beautiful dollar?

i'ma go hit a few this pm; at least, that's the intention. we'll see what kind of a day this shapes up to be.

we watched Alfie last night. the original, not the remake. oh dear God, how i hate that one must often say "...the original, not the remake..." in this age of corporate regurgitation that big hollywood has made of the film industry.

y'know what? the original smacks of genuine storytelling. it doesn't follow the now-mundane fucking hollywood routine. they're churning scripts out these days that don't deviate one iota from the bloody drama instructions we all received back in bloody grade 13 english.
1-character intros & backgrounds
2-give main character a hook, be it still in love with hard-working ex-wife, looking for love everywhere but where it is (in front of his nose), still dealing with serious loss but soon will be strong enough again, etc...
3-slow happy courtship.
4-uh-oh! a wee little adversity to overcome. maybe old girlfriend comes back, maybe their first fight blows out of proportion. maybe he finds out something about her that reminds him of his painful past.
5-as the vanilla music score pumps into overdrive, the main character chases the train taking her away forever and tells her in front of everyone how much he loves her, etc etc etc
6-funny anecdotal happy-family-picnic-dog-cathing-frisbee type scenes interlayed around the credits carry home the movie.

substitute at leisure and keep releasing. oh, it goes from regular date movie to "The Sweetest Romantic Comedy of the Season! - The Buttfuck Bugle" if you can get julia roberts.


ferchrissake, even the innovative (albeit MASSIVELY existential and trendy) "bullet-time" they introduced for The Matrix (flawed undeveloped plot, much?) ended up in fucking music videos.


*runs away frothing at the mouth*

Monday, August 06, 2007

my mission, should i choose to accept it

is to recapture the incredibly invigorating sense of excitement i used to feel every time mother nature went a little overboard, as is the case today with this massive thunderstorm we're experiencing. veeeeeeeeery cool!

oh, and also to remember how i couldn't shake that intense feeling of anticipation every autumn. that is to say, every day felt like i was about to do something really cool, and my imagination would actually pop out of my head, hold my hand, and lead me around the streets all the time.

gotta get that back!

Friday, August 03, 2007

as Canned Heat once said

we're going up the country, that's where we want to go.
where the water tastes like wine, we're gonna jump right in, stay drunk all the time.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

i couldn't agree more

at least, not without some seriously applied effort and deliberation. yes, deliberation.
all must read:


is awesome.

i have no issues with it.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

very very warm out


gonna try to head over to the club later and torture some more golf balls. i really enjoy the concept and process of golf, but sometimes the failure to execute can get frustrating. it is very humbling to face a task, maybe the first one in my life, where effort and dedication have very little bearing on performance.

no matter how hard i try and how much time i spend, talent (or lack thereof) has given me a ceiling.

everything else that i've either enjoyed or decided to do well, i've managed to succeed at to a level where i'm satisfied. this, though....argh!