Monday, March 31, 2008

You, sir, were correct

in recommending The Walking Dead comic book to me. I've already devoured the first and 1/2 of the second compilations and i'm enjoying it immensely.

in other news, my suspicions around here (here being the fucking office) were not entirely unfounded. well, we shall see what good i'm able to achieve with the limited pwers and capabilities at my disposal.

Friday, March 28, 2008

down, tummy! easy, boy!

whew. woke up feeling funky, and it still hasn't settled. ugh.
well, my folks and brother+wife+kid have just left for 2 weeks to sunny sunny florida, so i'm here alone (at least as far as the "management" of the company).
i anticipate much 'too many chiefs' crap while they're gone, with plenty of disregarding and assuming and a plethora of expert perspectives.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

dear all,

it's ali's birthday today. send some warm thoughts her way. she's big into that karma/cosmic unicorn-giggle juice type stuff...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nyet, dear friend

you are incorrect. when it comes to Music of Consequence, she is more likely to find me sitting in a chair, cigarette forgotten in the ashtray, eyes closed, pseudo-conducting the orchestra with my hands, fiercely and ferociously and mercilessly gouging the throat from anyone who disturbs me.

y'know, basically serene, as far as i go. honestly, the snippets of Real Music i get doled out to me by CBC Radio 2 in the car, or the occasion when i remember to bring a CD of one of my preferred performances with me is NOT enough, particularly as I can't really listen properly in the car.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lizst's 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody

very nice. i just heard an orchestral version that was most satisfying. for once, it didn't evoke images of bugs bunny running around, as Il Barbiero Di Siviglia will forever do to me. i'm sorry, Mr. Rossini...

and now Pour Some Sugar on Me is playing on the radio at the office. *sigh*

i really must acquire a pure sound system at home...i haven't really listened to music in a very very long time, and i'm kinda starved for it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


we finished Mass Effect last night, and boy howdee! wonderfully done. bravo. it's nice to live in this golden age of video games, where i no longer have to hope that somebody like joss whedon will decide to produce another cool sci-fi-ish show, while dealing with what he considers clever dialogue. i can just play games like Gears of War and Mass Effect.

oh, al, you should definitely go out and get this if you haven't yet. and get lego star wars while you're at it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i wanna be tiger woods

tiger woods...tiger woods.

wow, that guy is amazing.

in other news, our weekend went not at all as planned, but still very amusing. friday night we spent at my cousin's place and had a great time, as per usual. saturday was supposed to be spent on the slopes up north, but the unpredictable weather kept us home. damn! well, we made the best of it, etc etc.
sunday there was supposed to have been a gathering of like-minded (read: alcoholic) folk around the xbox/rock band combo, but instead found ali and i on mount royal doing (well, she was doing and I was crudely imitating) a bit of cross-country skiing. this was followed by a walk to the jean-talon market, where incredible stuffed olives, wonderful smoked pork products, and a delicious chicken were purchased. said chicken was stuffed, roasted, and savoured.

oh, and mass effect (video game, y'all) is building to an incredible finish. rare, very very rare, is the time when as i'm playing a video game, the story actually makes me go WOW! HOLY CRAP!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

thanks Butch!

you're welcome whenever you like, as always, to come by, claim the guest couch (as is your way...) and rock out with us.

you just lemme know when and the rest will be sorted out, including a first thing in the morning lift.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hellooooo weather

a little brisk out today. yeah, Al, Cali sounds awesome. lemme see what's in store for us in re: days off. y'know, you're just that little bit too far by plane to hop in on a friday night and hop out on a sunday, at least not without feeling all blorchy afterwards...

mind you, winter is pretty fucking fantastic when it wants to be. skiing in the laurentians is absolutely incredible, at least since the advent of awesome winter clothing technologies. was a time when we'd waddle around the mountain looking like the michelin tire man and still feeling cold, whereas now we're all sleek and tight and monochromatic and fucking WARM.

makes all the difference.

Monday, March 10, 2008


nice snowstorm on saturday precluded our skiing day up north, although we did end up cross-country skiing on mount royal for a bit. not nearly as entertaining as alipine skiing, but what can you do?
saturday night's drive was filled with terror and thrills. i'm very grateful for the all-wheel-drive nature of my car, though it has rendered me a bit skittish of the bad weather. was a time when i'd have tackled that drive with a rear-drive muscle car, y'know...

ali really really enjoyed Rock Band, and we had a blast on the level of what was to be expected over at my cousin's place. we always seem to have an excellent time with them. it's beyond a shadow of a doubt the favourite part of my family, and i only wish my more immediate kin would be like that.

apart from that, today i seem to have something of a cold, my week has already set the frustrating tone of things to come, and of course therefore all is crisis on the home-front.

wonderful. just peachy. i'd give anything to just hide out for a couple of days and let the storm of poo sort itself out without me.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Cannibal Holocaust

Aaaaagh! My eyes! My eeeeeeeyyyyyyyeeeeeeesssss!

not scary in the slightest. veeeeery cool artistic slant to stuff, and considering the era in which it was first released (1980), then a big ooooooooooooooo is in order.

um, i'll never be able to eat another turtle, muskrat, snake, or ebola monkey (whatever their official name is, they're the ones that seem to spread disease and plague in movies) ever again.

full frontal nudity has very very seldom ever filled me with dread as to what's coming next as it did in this film.

be warned, you'll never be able to "unwatch" it, and there are, depending on your sensibilities, at least a couple of things in this film that will tick all the offended/shocked/grossed out/horrified boxes your morals may contain.

tonight, we're off to my cousin's house/playstation with a little Rock Band. tomorrow, SWMBA and I are gonna rock our skiis some more. tomorrow night, dinner.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

a little perturbed

woke up with these odd bites (?) on my hands and arms. hrm...

it's snowing today! ski season isn't over yet, though we'll be hard-pressed to get on the slopes this weekend, what with the busy evenings and all.

the boss should be back in the office today after an incredibly refreshing 2 week absence.

ali and i are looking into the real-estate thang again, and it's slightly frustrating, what with us being in a chain and all.