Thursday, September 30, 2004

so sad i am

well, turns out i have to spend friday evening prepping some rooms for the fun fun saturday paint-a-thon. oh, yay.

on another sad note, turns out i need to fast-track the purchase of a gaming desktop. i was prepared for this eventuality, when my laptop would no longer keep up with my gaming desires, but i was still hoping it would take me through just this one now i need to start a desktop fund.

ja, so sad...

ooh! ooh! bab5 was awesome again last night. they retook earth amid plenty of wicked action and noble deeds. and marcus went out like a champ. hey, i don't hate garibaldi anymore. y'know, that man is one hell of an actor, considering how he is able to emote so well...


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

hello wednesday.

getting over the cold, which only means that i can now carry more stones up the hill every day.
oooooooh, was bab5 ever good last night...the torture episode was sweeeeet. of course, the garibaldi storyline was the SUXXOR, and ivanova's "if he sets foot on the station, shoot him." reeks of WHAT??? makes zero sense.

unfortunately, i have to time to get to doom3 this week, relaxing though it may be, thanks to this cold.

anecdote of the day: he had NO IDEA how to change the ink cartridge on his very own fax machine, which has been in this office for a loooong time...

old school upper-management wannabe who has little to no clue how to actually run a business, only how to vaguely suggest grandiose plans and visionary-type directions.

hopefully i will be well enough to play a round tomorrow afternoon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

*cough* *hack*

well, i'm on day 2 of a nice little cold.
i should be better by the morning.
because of my current situation, i felt compelled yesterday (as with this morning) to crawl out of bed at 7:30 and drive up to mirabel. see, bad as i feel, i just knooooooow that he'll make such an irrepairable mess out of the joint as well as everyone else's morale if i don't get up there and at least point him in a non-damaging direction.
i cannot WAIT until i get to tell him what we actually think of him professionally...

watched 2 episodes last night. Londo was extending olive branches at the (perhaps justifiably but strangely out of character for the usually higher-ground G'Kar) bitter and angry G'Kar...
oh, and Garibaldi has officially entered the realm of SUCK...
sad, really, for a compatriot who loves food nearly as much as i...

i've got to make deliveries before i can get home and collapse on the couch.
the bastard.
soon. soooooooon.

where's my chaingun?

Friday, September 24, 2004

I Can't Believe It's Not Summer

wow. the weather is nice!
i'ma go play again this afternoon.
another quick nine holes, just the way i like it. hopefully, the course will not be too busy (ya, right. it's friday afternoon...) and i can play alone.
i find that i much prefer that to the pointless and regimented smattering of chatter that occurs in a foursome.
"bon coup, mon gar!"
"ooh. reviens! reviens!"
"bien frapper, monsieur!"

unt zen, friday night.

dang it! tomorrow is going to be beautiful as well, and i'll feel this obligation to take the bike out. problem is, we have a plethora of little things to do around the house, and/or downtown...
mebbe we can ride on sunday!

oh, by the way. interesting live journal for all you peeping toms out there:

look! look! my very first (and probably last) link.

that's an oooooooooooooooold buddy of mine, who has severely compromised me by witnessing pretty much every single evolution of the body Carlo. i am so totally fuxxored if i ever end up in public life and neglect to serve his interests.

*Despot Carlo's first Post-Conquest press conference*
Me: (wearing my favourite new monocle, nervously clutching my bowl of diamonds, since it is after all my first press conference.) Welcome. And Bask. But first, you may ask a question.

Alan: (waaaay in the back, slightly drunk, as it's his first Post-Conquest press conference as well...) Hey, Lord Carlo! Remeber just prior to the conquest when you said you weren't going to conquor anything?, I was just wondering: [insert maaaaaaany disastrous implied truths vaguely couched as questions here]

Me: (gesturing) Quickly. Bring him to me, and have the magnet-heads wipe that from the record.

Dang. I'm so screwed...

oh, i almost forgot.
*lowers right hand* I hereby do suck for the lack of Bab5.

Methinks i may lose my loyal reader soon...

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

it's all good, baby!

beautiful day today!
work is rolling relatively smoothly.
i'm to play 9 holes this afternoon (i hope).
doom3 tonight (yay!).
all's well that ends well, at least as far as my concerns of yesterday. turns out i was correct, and glad i did the whole 'benefit of the doubt' thang... i really want to be writing personal stuff for all to see?
this is probably from the same part of my character that doesn't pick up on the fact that for the most part, people are only ever listening out of curiosity, and therefore rarely out of genuine empathy or what have you, and telling them can never really do nearly as much good as potential harm.
mind you, there's the whole tip of the iceberg thing too...i think some people would be very very surprised if they knew me as well as they think they do...

*raises right hand* i do solemnly swear that i shall watch babylon5 this week, foregoing all other distractions, amen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


just confirmed another guinness session tonight.
y'know, if i could only remember to drink more, i'd be an alcoholic. a happy, stress-free, sound-sleeping, energetic alcoholic.
it relieves stress almost as well as that other, um, stuff; i have a lot of fun with it (similar to the other stuff again), and most importantly, it helps me to have highly restful sleeps (totally UNLIKE the other stuff)...

maybe, as per xtien's observations, i should start noticing that there are people other that the ones i actually notice present when i tell stories, and that they may have opinions and perspectives which differ from mine in terms of what offends and what repels...


yeah, yeah, whatever. guinness!!!


y'know, i really have to stop permitting myself the luxury of thinking aloud around other people...if i can stop doing that, it'll dramatically simplify things. ie: i'll find myself having much much fewer conversations whose only purpose is to justify the final decision i eventually make. no more "but you said..." and "this is what you really think..." moments.
i tried dealing with a similar situation, where i was eagerly voicing my desire to partake in numerous events and then being forced to forego them for other reasons, by turning into 'non-committal guy', but that failed horribly. because i would express enthusiasm for a given event, and then not feel comfortable explaining the subsequent and unpredicted reasons why i could not attend, i was making others uncomfortable...
similarly, i've been seesawing back and forth regarding a formerly fun and recently frustrating leisure activity. i've actually been trying to convince myself to stay involved, while faced with the reality that it has not been pleasurable for me to do so in MONTHS. my only mistake here was staying in the middle regarding my opinions as expressed to others. had i clearly chosen the silent route, no one would be confused. similarly, had i decided to express a strict and unwavering position of dislike, no one would be confused. my mistake was having a rotating group of witnesses to the various stages of "y'know, maybe it'll be different this time" and "well, it's only a very minor committment which doesn't take up all that much time" with the realizations that "it WON'T be any different, because the last 2 times around haven't been..." and "should i be doing something i do not like and am not forced to do just BECAUSE it won't take up too much of my time..."
what surprised me was that it took me so long to realize that i've been involved in this thing for soooooo long and cannot remember the last time i looked forward to it. i have so many hours in a week that tax me, so why should i voluntarily add to that? it's a remarkable sense of freedom when one realizes that though he may not be able to be the master of his entire day, he CAN indeed choose his free time with total freedom based on what brings him pleasure. The obligations i fill are numerous and large. any and all moments that belong to me, however, are priceless and to be spent only where i choose.
this, of couse, might seem selfish. this is absolutely not the case. helping friends and doing things for other people brings me pleasure.
at least i've got a small chunk of time this afternoon to relax, because i was more than unpleasantly surprised. either that, or i'll feel like a complete moron with no sense of humour. i pray for the latter for two reasons: the first being that i've got no problem whatsoever with taking a self-depracating laugh-session at myself, and the second being that it means the person i though was a close friend really isn't. This is because if it's a joke, then it's on me to take it well, but if it's serious, then the person REALLY doesn't know me, doesn't care to know me, and only wants to believe what suits their perspective, which makes me sad.
*fingers crossed, and time for another smoke.*

Monday, September 20, 2004

I don't wanna grow up

good song!
well, saturday night we're at a party.
the following observations were made aloud, most by me:
1-it's 9:30 and we're ALREADY at the party.
2-we're drinking SOFT DRINKS, not booze (someone else's observation)
3-we're intensely discussing topics like mortgages, property values, and bathtub sizes...

last night, we went to meet an old old friend of mine (i think he's the only guy i am still in contact with who isn't related to me from when i was 17 years old...) at hurley's. we met him at 10 pm, and it felt really really late to me.


if i have to, i will go to extremes to prove this.

no bab5 this weekend, though we did enjoy ourselves just the same.

more later.

Friday, September 17, 2004

made it!

almost done.
tonight promises to be a pleasant diversion, and i'm looking forward to it...
last night was an equally well-deserved distraction, and i feel somewhat refreshed today.
doom3 is one killer game, boy-o.

now i'ma gonna go have a smoke, and probably wake cfoo up...

this weekend, i have to minimize my social obligations, as there is an appreciable amount of micro-tasks ahead of me regarding the condo, and i'd like to have sweet nothing to do when they're completed. by sweet nothing i mean the pub. by the pub i mean guinness. by guinness i mean...

oh, and i MUST remember to ask Narc for another book recommendation, keeping in mind that if i could simply erase my memory and re-read starship troopers i would never need another scifi book...i'm fairly certain that i'm not so much a 'good omens' type guy...

Thursday, September 16, 2004

thank you, narc! thaaaaaank you!

now i know what we'll be doing after bab5.



i love my friends! they are awesome. please let me remember to update the purge list before i sieze control and start sending forth my iguanoid shock troopers and super magnet-heads...
i'll have 7 more seasons of rich, high quality dvd's with which to decompress after bab5 is done with me (hopefully courtesy of the ridiculously large dvd library that is my friends), and a 1337 dvd player on which to watch them (bday gift courtesy of said friends).
methinks they want me to stay home and watch more television, with the understood less going out and bothering of them. ;p

seeing as how i only watched a dozen or so episodes, the first of which was Once More With Feeling, and really like the characters...

What I really want to do is Direct

what a good movie...

apparently, i was talking in my sleep again last night. i must remember never to sleep around other people, ESPECIALLY not in the same bed.

more Bab5 last night, only now the Garibaldi thread is getting ridiculous, and Londo was in it for a token scene...

what's going on?
out of the blue, Sheridan decides to attack everyone until he gets to earth. well, he decided after ivanova gave an embarassing acting job of 'disgust and outrage' over an incident with a refugee ship. sheridan watches it, and then goes ape without doing his customary confirming and investigating.
what's he planning to do against the only race that didn't get it's fleets mauled by the shadows?
i get the impression that j. michael was writing these past few episodes from napkin notes he made over lunch...

doom3 tonight. tralala.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

remember when?

note to my reader(s): look away for fear of sappy melodrama ahead...
you've been warned.

on the side of marianopolis.
playing with the locker.
wearing her waaay too small trenchcoat.
having the irrepressable urge to write stuff, and enough freedom of energy and time to do it.
standing in lineups at purple haze, cuz all i wanted to do all night was dance. with my eyes closed.
when i listed my biggest regret as cutting my hair, and remedied it by letting it grow for another 3 years hence.
smoking till we were dizzy.
the joys of having 20 bucks in my pocket.
the freedom of having a car.
the arrogance and impetuousness of youth, which i absolutely owned.
not caring who knew.
that irreplaceable and utterly perfect evening at encore un foi, in westmount.
so very very long ago.

see? like i said earlier. fall is all.

time keeps on tickin', doesn't it...
now we're thirty. just hold the line, boys. we've no more for the push, but we can sell ourselves dearly.

the lack of interesting

today has been thus far an exercise in minutae management. i can run this stuff in my sleep, and after the high-revving stress-a-thon of the past few projects i feel as though i'm sinking in quicksand.

looking forward to fleshing out that bloodbowl idea some more, and perhaps watching more bab5 tonight. i swear, if Londo doesn't start appearing regularly again, and if Garibaldi doesn't lighten the fuck up i'm gonna start to get irritated...

oh, and i'll need season 5 soon. the end is near. repent.

my guinness count is dangerously low. i may have to remedy it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Stress Relief

got out of a 2 hour meeting from hell with another awesome order, but it's taking its toll, amico mio...

on a positive note, i held a wee little baby during dinner tonight, and the little guy just stared and stared and the spooky italian holding him. it felt nice. and put things a little more in perspective...

bab5 update:
finally saw londo and g'kar last night, but for a measly 30 SECONDS! i'm getting upset. delenn is still hot, and Zathras is HILARIOUS, but something's gotta be done SOON about this strange, out of place, and contrived hostility between garibaldi and sheridan. methinks there's foul play afoot. i believe it's a ruse to get garibaldi placed high up in clark's govt...

Monday, September 13, 2004

Let's Play 20 Questions!

1.Best holiday?
our trip to Europe last summer. hands down.

2.Most embarrassing moment?
when i was very young and tried to use those stand up urinals. don't ask.

3.First job?
Steinberg grocery bagger.

4. Longest relationship?
this one! 5 years, though there was a little hiccup somewhere in there about 2 years ago.

5.Bravest thing you've ever done?
handling the deals and situations i've been handling recently at work.

6.Biggest regret?
to date, that conversation in the food court back in '98. i wish one of those people i was sitting with at the cafe beforehand had actually been a friend enough to make me realize what i was truly about to do.

7.Greatest dream?
to allow myself to believe that this may very well be far enough, and start smelling roses and travelling a little.

8.Favourite item of clothing?
that's easy. as of this moment, my snakeskin boots. of course, i could really care less if every piece of clothing i own got stolen. clothes is clothes, bubba.

9.Favourite chillout space?
it's all very existential. right now, hurley's. at the bar. on a wintry sunday. also, on my motorcycle seat, going somewhere i'm not really sure of, alone. she should already be there waiting for me.

10.Last CD you bought?
Graceland, by Paul Simon. ah.

11.Do you speak any other languages?
yes. i'm fluent in a couple of others, and can be that amusing stammering tourist guy in a couple more.

12.What was your proudest moment?
they're very fleeting, and happen weekly. although to date, probably when i received the writing award.

13.Last meal you ate?
a genoa salami sandwich, with mozzarella, on a little ciabatta bread. at 9:00 am this morning.

14.Dream job?
there is truly no such thing for me. i was meant for leisure, and i'm working my ass off to get there as quickly as i can. (yes, i know i'm deluding myself into thinking i'm not actually a workaholic. it's sick, really. feel sorry for me. g'head.)

15.What are you scared of?
for real? the past, for its Regret, and the future, for potentially confirming mistakes.

16.What are you doing tonight?
make dinner, followed by Babylon 5. that is, if the day continues to roll smoothly.

17.What would you never do for $1,000,000?
better to ask what i WOULD'd be a shorter list.

18.Neat freak or slob?
neat freak.

19.What was the best year of your life?
easily, hands down, 1993. it still twists me up inside.

20.You're a grown up. What the hell are you doing filling out these things?
delaying my smoke break until it's not too early to call cfoo. 'did i wake you?' 'no, not at all.' at least if he'd admit it once in a while i wouldn't feel as bad...

funny, it lasted a day

my last post showed me in a good mood, with little visible stress. it's nice that i at least got to live with that for an entire day. shame that my hordes of despisers cast a new level 29 FUCK YOU spell just in time for friday afternoon. i was driving over to marc's, looking forward to the weekend, when my phone rang. it only stopped being used when the battery on it DIED 2 hours later.
now i've got 'meetings' and 'conference calls' and 'knife-sharpenings on the recently punctured skulls of all those within stabbing range...' all freaking week.
plus, a bloodbowl playoff to schedule.
khemri next season? if i'm to play, it's gonna probably be one extreme or the other. i will either be going wood elf (the Angry Trees can always come back, having retired before their first ever official match!), or khemri (my khemri team's got Bubba "The King" Hotep on it, fella!). that way, i won't get the chance for nuffle to fuck me, having no illusions about picking up the ball...
i just don't seem to have the time, unless i can arrange most of my games for friday night wit da boyz...that seems to be a very fun time+place to play bloodbowl...
y'know what the opposite of that time is? any night during the week when i can actually be at home with nothing pressing, and yet instead of reading, having tea, watching bab5, i have to sit in front of my laptop going "HURRY THE FUCK UP! THERE ARE ONLY 11 OR SO DECISIONS TO MAKE ON THE FUCKING BOARD!"
please don't let anyone make me kill them today, amen.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

LOVE this weather

fall is here! it is my favouritestest time of the year. coincidentally, also one of the more painful times of the year.
for once, english has a perfect word: bittersweet.
if only i could increase the power of the bitter and the sweet a thousandfold, it would be super-accurate.

now i get to wear jeans and sweaters (note to self: buy more of both) and jean jackets and leather jackets, and enjoy tea in cafe's and guinness at the pub that ISN'T MCGIBBONS WHERE THEY ARE SERVING SOME STRANGE PERVERSION OF GUINNESS (iza's gonna kill me, isn't she narc?), and bring a good book to a parc, and ride my motorcycle in the laurentians with the kur-azy pretty leaves...
oh yeah.

y'know, delenn just keeps getting hotter. turns out she started the war, don'cha know. how sexy is she? 'they accidentally killed my master. let's wipe out every last one of them.' :D

*happy feet* fall is here. fall is here.

soon we get to wear nice thick navy sweaters and sit under heat lamps while drinking Hobbit tea (why the fuck did they rename it?)...

oh, and occasionally, we remember things and they make us very very sad, but then we look at the present and it makes us very very happy...basically, round about the end of october (21) i should therefore turn into steam.

toodles. i'm off to have a smoke under an awning in the rain.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I live in a Giant Bucket pt 2

so regardless of how busy my days tend to be, a large (in size, not activity) customer showed up for an audit of our facility this morning. it was replete with the yay and the woohoo, but utterly vacant with the efficient morning and the 'look, got some work done.'
it must be nice (in a way) to be a 60,000+ per year cog in one of those larger companies. you have clearly defined responsibilities and are protected by ISO (nope. not my job description.)
you can 'pretend' to work, and use words like 'action items' and 'synergy' and 'comprehensive belligerence aimed directly at my cranium from that Carlo guy sitting on the other side of the boardroom table.'

tonight i have a thing up in st. sauveur. a friend of a friend's restaurant is turning 3 years old (that means it was born 3 years ago, for all you brunos out there...), and i sorta have to go.

suxxors that i can't bring ali up with me, but:
a) i'm already up in mirabel (30 km's away from sauveur).
b) i will finish at 4:30 at the earliest.
c) ali works down down deep in downtown montreal.
d) the 15 north is down with its bad traffic self going north from montreal at 5:00...

mmmmm...tasty farm apple.
no, that's not a euphamism (sp?) for anything. it means a tasty (pleasing flavour) farm (purchased directly from the orchard's owner at the orchard itself) apple (fruit).


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

A damn shame.

I was just watching Biker Mania 2 on the discovery channel, marvelling again at the beautiful bike that Larry built, when I was shocked by the "In Memory of Indian Larry." epitaph at the end of the show.
It saddens me to know that we'll never get to ride down to New York and ask him to build me that hardtail...
At least he went out doing what he loved.
Bye for now, Larry. Your legacy will be the continued inspiration to all us born-again chopperheads.

hey, you got your monday in my tuesday!

if it smells like a monday, and feels like a monday, then surely i must be more tired than i thought!

we watched two episodes last night, and while i did get to see Delenn in a hot little black number, and her assistant say "Woo-hoo?" to Sheridan in the elevator (that was acutely hilarious), there was NO LONDO!!! i protest. in fact, methinks i do protest not enough!

quebec city was very very pretty. ali got tipsy on sangria, i realized that the original architect of Old Quebec had a severe, untreated stair-fetish. the old city is laid down on the sides of an Escher (?) painting. i don't think i ever walked downhill or downstairs the entire time. they even decided to name one particularly inspired staircase the "Casse-cou". how appealing...

mind you, the weekend was awesome.

it's coffee talk, though, not post-reading material.

ciao and stuff,

Friday, September 03, 2004

now _this_ is funny$287

narc already linked to it, but hoo boy is it a good story.
way better than the one where a seagull pooped on my friend's face while we were riding on lakeshore in toronto, or the one where i swallowed a bee (!) while on my first date with ali. (i chose to pretend it was a relatively normal occurence, and just chewed once and swallowed). you sorta get used to stuff like that when you ride.
there's a picture of me and ali riding in new hampshire. we're helmet-less (gotta love NH) and on the highway. i've reached in front of me with the camera and took a self portrait (you try and hold a camera steady with one hand while piloting a motorcycle on a highway). my mirror glasses even reflect the road ahead of us, and we're both grinning wide. if you look closely, you'll actually see a wee little fly that has anatomy-textbook dried on my tooth.
ah, the free meals you get when riding. nothing like 'em.
except maybe magnans, or l'entrecote st. jacques.

it's friday!

grazie a Dio!

ho arrivato a la fina della settimana sensa mazzare il mondo.

sono tutti disgraziati, questi genti, e non gli voglie vedere per 3 giorni doppo oggi.

there. from now on, perhaps i will just bitch in italian, to prevent others from rolling their eyes at yet another one of Carlo's bad days...

no Bab5 again last night (sorry, Xtien!) but i did have a most excellent espresso at Cafe International. it was very crowded and noisy for a thursday evening.

oh, and i got my third parking ticket in 3 weeks this morning! yayzors!

that just equalled my previous life's total for parking tickets, don'cha know.

Unt now i must simply figure out a way to get through this day with a minimum of destabilatory stress. i have every intention of being at marc's tonight and having about a billion drinks. my only concern is that if i watch a bad movie (like that midsummer night hollywood remake) my brain may indeed leak right the fuck out of my ears. then again, i could always sneak off into the other room to help cfoo practice for the all-star game. after all, just cuz i don't enjoy the game anymore doesn't necessarily mean everyone else as well hates it.

here's my 'i want a pony' itinerary for today:
7:30-8:00 - montreal office, take care of outstanding issues and pick up prod. manager.
8:30-11:30 - up at mirabel facility to complete the day's paperwork and trivialities.
12:00 - lunch with cousin Paolo.
2:00 - a quick round of golf.
5:00 - after-golf drink, and head over towards marc's.

here's the reality:
7:30-8:00 - same as above, only one of the things i needed prepared for me is NOT waiting on my desk, forcing me to find my way back to the montreal office sometime between now and when i leave for QC tomorrow morning.
8:30-16:30 - stuck up at mirabel for the entire day in order to ensure that all the day's itemized tasks are completed, or at least addressed.
16:30-17:30 - breakneck attempt to get to the post office in little italy to pick up mail before it closes. remember that my departure point is up in mirabel, and i have to negotiate the deadly 15+40 merge in rush hour.
17:30 - limp to marc's after the post-office race through traffic.


i live in a giant bucket.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

that was a good restaurant!

veni vidi vici in toronto, on st. clair ave.
that's where i brought ali on our first buy-her-a-flower date. spooky happenings all night. the young bunch of owners and waiters there kept passing our table muttering little encouragings to me. we had a drink at some little lounge close by, and i heard teardrop (by massive attack) for the first time. loooooooooved it. (it was also playing on repeat in my car that night we first kissed (for three hours) and caused a 1000 dollar repair to my car (the exhaust manifold got clogged with carbon from idling for that long)).
the spooky thing occured after the drink. we're walking along st. clair and ali has to use a restroom, so she darts into some other bar and i wait outside. some guy passes her as he's coming out and walks over to me. he said "Do whatever you have to do, but DO NOT let that girl out of your hands! Turn your back on your friends, disown your family, sell your soul, but do NOT let her go." Then he just kept walking. And no, Ali didn't know him.

is it friday evening yet? crapzors. i really wanted to go shoot another nine holes tomorrow afternoon, but that is not looking terribly likely. mayhaps next week...

cross thine fingers for me to be able to actually muster enough free time to show up tomorrow night for a drink or five.

if all goes well and i do show up, i hope marc knows he can't just have *shudder* one martini.
oh yes.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm *happy tummy*

on a different note, it would probably have been fun to coach the all star team. at least i get to watch cfoo make a go at it. i can't realistically expect people's votes after i ground their teams into mush, (barely) lost only one game, and then promptly took 4 games off, only to come back and do it again. when the Mutants coach begged me not to foul him in our last game, i responded by saying "hey, all i want to do is win this game. i'll foul if i need to in order to guarantee a win." he said "don't worry. you'll win. so please don't foul, k?"
what does he do? score on turn 8 of the second half to tie me. note to self: if i end up playing again, i will completely ignore that little chat box in the bottom right corner of the screen and simply gut my opponent's team.

Simple Solution

It's funny. i just heard on the radio this morning that terrorists have hit again in russia yesterday. last week they knocked two planes out of the sky. then a bomb in moscow. now a school with 350 people inside.
i suggest to all those people who find this behaviour in poor taste and who are looking for a solution to kidnap ever world leader's children in the name of Blarg. maybe that would cause them to finally take the Roman approach.
back in the *Londo voice* glorious days of the old republic */londo voice* an attack on a single roman citizen ANYWHERE in the empire (even up in mud-hut land) was considered an attack on Rome herself. that brings bad-bad on the entire village of Ug-luglug the Barbarian for his attack on poor wittle carlo, who was merely strolling through the Schwartzwald looking for mushrooms.
so it's simple really:
terrorist: we claim this school in the name of Blarg, and demand that you free our other Blargians at once (even though they also blew various things up in the name of Blarg)!
president me: um. sure. hope you took out insurance on Blarg, though, cuz it has just been re-zoned as a cutting-edge glass floored parking lot. still wanna make demands? we could do this all day.

back to the bab5 update:
yesterday, Londo returned to B5 in typically awesome fashion. is it me, or is Sheridan getting more than a little annoying, what with that brooding scowl and constant wonder Garibaldi just split.

*note to self* get nude pictures of Delenn, to go with the matching set of Ivanova and Kosh nudes.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

More players should take Kick

ha ha! Narc runs with his wrist limp and pinkie extended. ha ha!
See, Cfoo told me Narc's put out cuz he makes fun of me on here but I don't reciprocate. So there we have it, since i'm not certain how to directly respond to his comments.

OH! i think i finally know the answer to Morden's question.

a gun. a really really really big gun. WITH 1000 bullets. and both items must work exactly and without deviation as firearms are designed to work. that is, the gun itself must accurately and without injury to the bearer deliver the projectile to the target of the bearer's choice. the bullets themselves must propel the projectile section at standard velocities for the calibre with no injury to the current bearer of the gun.
there, that should D&D wish that sucker to hell!

apparently, i am utterly incapable of making any decision that is not worthy of the minutest of scrutiny and anaylsis, followed by contrary instructions...i am being micromanaged, and i strongly suspect that the goal is to cause me to SNAP. very very soon, i will tell them to shove it.

and for all you bab5 devotees out there, i will not be watching it as long as i have the rage sharks swimming in my brain. i tried to watch an episode a couple of nights ago, and it was a blur.

pardon me, i must go fill out the governmental department-worthy detail level report on the day's activities up here in HELL.

fuck the whole entire pus-filled world,