Thursday, April 23, 2009

so entertaining

we went to see Monsters vs Aliens last night (in 3D-o-vision!!!) and it was really really cool. quite a departure from the old red/blue glasses that just made me a little queasy...

i really like going to the movies, i gotta say. it would be awesome if they didn't spread out the three annual good ones amongst so much poop. and not subjective, opinionated carlo type poop, but actual regurgitated dramatic devices/characters/plot type poop with no redeeming points. mind you, who the fuck am i to criticize? i would go see dawn of the dead remakes (as long as they're up to zach snyder's incredible version a couple of years ago) every week and never get bored. give me post (or currently occuring) apocalyptic craziness of any kind (though preferably involving a horde of some kind rather than just a natural disaster), guns, some cool characters, and dwindling resources and i'm happy as most scruffy-faced intellectual "writers" are with anything whedon or smith release.

there! got one last jab in.

Monday, April 13, 2009

i wonder

went to to check out my blog, as inspired by my morning readings, and lo! the results:

We guess is written by a woman (57%), however it's quite gender neutral.