Friday, October 24, 2008

yep. jes' peachy

swimmingly, ev-en.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

do you remember when...

we used to sing.


it's amazing that i can even see that far back from where i'm standing at the moment. 'Tis a tale for the fairies, indeed. and i'm sorely disappointed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

lack of interest?

or motivation? either way, i'm not feeling much interest in bookmarking or milestoning my happenings as of late, for the most part in any case.

last week's conference/pow-wow in san diego went swimmingly. i even accosted their global vice-president in the elevator and acquitted my organiation well (or so my ego leads me to believe). many interesting conversations/handshakes/shared anecdotes occured over the week, with possible business to come.

my brother and i toured the uss midway, an old diesel aircraft carrier commissioned right after the end of ww2. most cool.

upon my return, the cloud of stupidity descended around my head again and immediately began sapping enthusiasm and optimism. hhhhurrrrgh...

oh, and what with tomorrow being the day that it is, 15 years down the road, i feel a twang or two. or five.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

i sure could use some right about now.

chapter synopsis:
1-watch deal doesn't look like it'll happen in the short term. bugger, as i'm real eager to possess one like it.
2-Speedy (our new home pc) is finally running in something like her usual state after much confusion, including tigerdirect shipping it to me without the specified RAM included.
3-very poor sleep over the past couple of days finds me here at the office at seven thirty AM waiting for the folk to get here so we can start the inventory. anticipation of well-justified lateness by the usual suspects is doing my nerves no good.
4-saturday is a long-awaited (and mostly in my honour as a conciliatory prize for having been away on business during the last one) netfest, wherein we shall spend the day kicking around in warhammer online.
5-i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.