Friday, November 21, 2008


we watched Quantum of Solace last night. i liked it as much as i needed to.
dinner afterwards was fun.

the other day i felt a cold coming on, and asked SWMBA if she could pick up some lipton chicken soup. "Ewww!" she said. "I don't want a cup of sodium!" she said.
well, when i got home, there was a fresh chicken soup a-boilin' on the stove, don'cha know...
she is quite awesome. and i've no cold.

last week, i picked up that watch i've been obsessing over (oh, the power of small things to distract and amuse), and now i can pretend to be james bond a bit. of course, it would seem that neither the laser nor grappling hook/garot features work on mine, but such is my luck. i'll have them fixed shortly.

in other news, could it be that the moon landings never really took place? i am saddened by this possibility.

tonight, we've in store for us a traditional good time, in the nature of pints, dinner, drinks, videogames, and most importantly, me bestest buddo Ffej! oh, and if the stars all line up, a morning road trip to experience six kinds of SUH-RUHP down in Barakland on the morrow.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008


i want to commemorate this day with the surprisingly vigourous sense of hope that i and a couple hundred million people south of the border feel right now, and not just with my disgust at the pettiness of the media.

please please manage to do everything you said you were going to do, barak.

that fool who preceded you really managed to screw the pooch.

wow. history was made for the trivialists yesterday, and a wonderful era can begin today for the realists. i hope.

are you kidding me?

why, on such a day of promise, hope, and change, do the "experts" have to find another thing to predict doom and gloom about?

now i'm hearing that obama is anti free-trade, and we're going to suffer for it starting immediately.

as per the advice i gave to my brother the other day, nobody, NOBODY likes that negative dude in the room who predicts apocalypse, and even less-so should he prove to be right.

when are the great stinking teeming unwashed going to realize that this world we live in in the west is merely The Emperor's New Clothes redux? if they all just shut the fuck up, continue to buy their venti half-double mochas and latest latest latest ipods everything will be just fine. if they continue to stay at home and talk about the coming economic armageddon (is it here yet? how about now? how about now? oooh, for sure it'll be with the four multi-syllabic words taught to them by CNN, then we do not progress.

fucking idiots. they should shut the fuck up, bask in the fact that for once, it looks like John Lennon was elected president of the most powerful empire in earth's history, and hope that the worms don't eat into his brain before he can make the world a better place.

Monday, November 03, 2008

mountains of poop!

giant, ever-growing mountains of poop!