Monday, December 27, 2004


i'm starving for some CoH...

i've been perusing the internet for different backgrounds and fleshing out of the different scrapper builds, and am always game for one more.

my idea so far, for the ones and ones of you that care, is to go with a katana on offense. i really like the concept.
for defense, based on my total accumulated knowledge, is to go with regen. conceptually i like super reflexes better, but it seems like regen will give me more idiot-proof survivability, which will in turn diminish my dependance on my group (if any)...

tips? links? have at me!

ps: i intend to ply the brain of my dear friend Marcmarcmarc over pints tomorrow. i am sooooooooooo looking forward to the whole tomorrow thang, actually...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry somethingsomething

ali's got a cold, and is doing her best to marshall her strength for the eatfest coming in a few hours.
i'm REALLY looking forward to new year's eve, actually.
i'm going to attempt my first mom's lasagna, now that i've got the whole sauce/meatball thang pretty down pat.

i've also neared the insurance claim finish line, and hopefully will have everything replaced before my trip to vegas.

work-wise, there was a rather nice last minute order that came in, which kicked our already awesome month right into 'we don't have the warehouse space to handle this anymore' land.

i guess i'm too good at my job. ;p

to my legions of readers, i hope that we can all arrange to be in the same pub at the same time some point next week. say...tues?

ciao and stuff.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

stay on target

xmas is almost here, and we're getting all the weather. we already received a snowstorm last week, followed by one of those ultra-pleasant cold snaps, and now we're enjoying a bit of freezing rain. the high on xmas day is supposed to be in the neighborhood of 11 degrees.
tell me again that global pollution hasn't affected the planet...

doom3 was awesome last night, and it remains a faithful amusement in the middle of my week. i think all of us principals agree on that front.

next, i check the emails and pray everything is smooth, although my father is now calling me.

whew. turns out there is no crisis requiring my immediate return to the montreal office. in fact, all he was doing was making sure we're not on the road, due to the freezing rain that's falling...

i'm to go replace one of the cameras today at dumoulin, and hopefully i can replace the computer and other camera over the holidays. in fact, i'm probably going to have to order the other camera from Taiwan, since it is a model that is not available in Canada yet...


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

it's cold. too cold.

had to let the new guy go yesterday. thank God I'm schizo, because HumanCarlo really doesn't enjoy doing that. Merry Christmas! at least he took it well.

doom3 occurs tomorrow night, and i'm looking forward to it.

work should be ok today, with everybody in slowdown mode for xmas, which allows us to catch up. of course, i've never ever ever seen our production floor so busy before.

we've ramped up so quickly that we've actually hit cashflow problems! that hasn't happened before to my knowledge, but is one heck of a good sign.

props to Narc for finding the album!!!

Three cheers for Narc!

oh, the 23rd? is it at all happening?

It is too cold for outside smokies, so i shall endeavor to wait until i am driving back to Montreal, where i must pass by the office and then to the tailor for my second fitting.

uh oh. getting sleepy.


ps: please shoot out some good karma to me for xmas. i have an insurance thang to settle, the work crunch to resolve, and a couple of other things that i hope will go my way...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

hellip. me.

i need to mobilize my threes and threes of readers to help me here.
i'm looking for that Vivaldi recording, and would loooooove it if someone could point me to where i might procure one.


Vivaldi's Four Seasons.
violinist: Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg
Cover picture: She's wearing a black dress, holding her violin, has long reddish brown hair. you can see her whole body standing up in the photo.

prease help me.

pletty prease.


Cleveland SNOWS!

Damn that Drew Carey and his false advertising. There is nary a rock to be found in all of Cleveland, but there is more than enough blizzard-like snowfall to satisfy every eskimo in the land.


my 1hr50min flight turned into a 6 hour oddysey around the great lakes. we held over cleveland for 30 minutes, ran out of fuel, diverted to buffalo, realized i couldn't smoke unless i walked 1 mile through to the front of the airport (note to self: BAR buffalo!), waited 2 hours, and then flew in for 8:30 pm. found my rental car, managed to navigate through the blizzard to my hotel, and ate a sandwich in the restaurant with one hand while listening to my father micro-manage through my cell phone with the other.

whatever the case was, though, i managed to get (i HOPE) quite a bit accomplished. Today, however, i still have to take a couple of hours out of my afternoon and flush them in the toilet, since i have a meeting to attend. oh, JOY!

Ali and I went to see Handel's Messiah at Notre Dame de Montreal in the old city last night. interesting performace, overall, but (i'm glad you're sitting down) I found the musicians uninspired (particularly the tenor) and the sound in the church abysmal (sp?). The show was redeemed by a passionate baritone who SOOOOOOO should perform Beethoven's 9th. In fact, he already did (AND I MISSED IT!). I am sad.

I've got the employees xmas lunch tomorrow, followed by the head office xmas party on saturday night. *sigh*
i am not a terribly large fan of these things, and would much rather just eat lunch ALONE with a book and a martini.

complain complain complain. i have a nasty tendency to let the good things speak for themselves, while i feel an obligation to trumpet the bad things. hmm...

i'ma go do the mail, followed by smokies. oh, and i have to arrange the hit on Nala (code name to protect the victim) for failing to arrange the joining of the me in Sagev Sal...

toodles all,

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why can't i blog from my montreal office?

stupid computers.
i hate them so much!

doom3 was particularly fun last night, and the end is in sight. luckily, we're slated to tackle half-life 2 next. joy!

i'm going to start outlining a "what if" type plot for another foray into novel-land.
my fours and fours of readers should be waiting with baited breath for that one!

i may need a guinness infusion soon. and by may i really mean WILL. and by soon i mean NOW.

so far i'm really liking this new "i don't lose my temper" me. i can still go all caricature ranting in my personal life, but as cray ton has often pointed out, i am basically schizo in the way my personality is divided between business and non.
this makes it easy for me to remove "prone to violence" and "hot tempered" from my list of dis-ad's on my work character sheet, while retaining their more light-hearted versions for the amusement of others in my personal life.

oh, i read some article about these new LiveDungeons they have at GENcon now. twenty bucks for a 1 hour interesting dungeon crawl. sounds cool. and not in a "i'm the only non-disfigured guy at this LARP party" way, but actually cool. as in, thiefs actually have to thread a lockpick carefully around mildly electrified cogs in a simulated lockpicking attempt, and if they get zapped, they take damage. there are actors wandering about in coolzors monster costumes, traps strewn about, a REAL LIVE TAVERN, etc etc...

by the way, when and where is the closest GENcon? I've been hankerin' to go to one of those large thingies anyway. maybe get into one of those BIG starfleet battles or battletech games...

coffee this afternoon, as soon as i can get out of here. it will be a welcome break in an otherwise hectic week.

i can't WAIT to be out of this city for a couple of nights. i must admit that i really got used to the peace of being far far away from my colleagues. the critical factor there is simply that i'm out of their immediate sphere of awareness/dependance, which permits me the luxury of free thought without a constant barrage of silly phone calls and even sillier questions.

oh yeah, note to self: There ARE no stupid questions. Just stupid people.

and that' to grow on.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

winter winter everywhere

my windshield took a massive hit from a piece of ice this morning on the highway, and it didn't break!

I've GOT TO get new pillows, by the way. Those neat-o memory foam ones available at Brookstone in the US. My back can't take much more of those pseudo pillows we've currently got.

production crisis at the office today. oh joy. and of course once again they call me at the last minute to resolve it. I promise you all this: i WILL NOT fix their problems today. they allowed them to reach this point, and they can fucking wallow in it now. Maybe they'll learn for the future.

I'ma go smoke break shortly.

I've got to try to keep up with this blog thang, but lately life has been getting in the way again.

Oh, watched the Charlie Brown Xmas special last night. It was sooooooo awesome.

Made yet another award winning meal last night too...I'm quite proud of my evolving skeelz in the kitchen...

last but not least, my cold appears to be fading, although only by 1 or 2 percent daily.

Monday, December 06, 2004


this is one hell of a stubborn little bug i've got. the considerate MF sitting across from me on the 11 hour Hong Kong to Vancouver flight spent the entire time trying to cough up his lungs.

New Carlo doesn't desire violent conclusions to frustrating situations, so i'll just be doing what needs doing today and getting it over with.

I'm flying out to Cleveland next week, and actually quite looking forward to it. I should be able to get a decent amount accomplished (although once again i wonder if it is worth it, considering the difficulty i am having getting my colleagues to do things in an organized (MY WAY) fashion), as well as relax ON MY OWN for a couple of days.

Early january should mean Vegas for that trade show/mini vacation. I'm getting tired of fighting and arguing with people to get them to stop doing things in their inefficient and incompetent ways. I think some day very soon i shall just outline how things need to get done, and leave it up to them whether or not they want to go that way, with the implicit understanding that failure will be dealt with according to the effort and ability applied to a given task.

Bab5? BWAHAHAHAHA! you must be joking!

How long can a cold last?