Monday, February 28, 2005

monday's here. did you bring your crap?

a nice relaxing weekend has concluded. we did the home improvement thang, wicked-good cooking thang, Bab5 thang, and CoH. business as usual.

bab5 is nearly concluded. 4 episodes left. i'm almost over the whole *shudder* Byron issue, and it would be so much easier if that skank-ho Lita would stop showing up every five minutes with her glowing eyes and nauseatingly bad acting.

CoH, on the other hand is just getting started. Johnny Guano leveled to 20 yesterday (sooooo quickly, i might add, now that i have a plethora of missions and contacts to zip through).

he got himself stamina (ahhhhhhh) and a snazzy new costume to boot. it's his Harley-riding outfit. he's also got some contacts now in zones he's never visited.

soooo much fun. and i'm finding that a good scrapper is quite popular and sought after by a lot of controllers to help them through their missions. i get waaay to many invites.

today: stay out of trouble. complete the work i have ahead of me. go to chinese lessons. head home and RELAX.

tomorrow: HL2!!! thank God.

Friday, February 25, 2005

I am so smart. Ess Em Ar Tee.

so now i'm posting from my other office, and have no fear of the posting monster that refuses to accept more than X words, where X is usually 30 words shy of what i wanted to say.

work is, well, frustrating. you know how it is. at then end of the day, i shouldn't complain, because anybody would be lucky to have these kinds of problems. my problem is that i'm not terribly people-oriented, no matter how hard i try. it's just against my nature to coddle, comfort, and coax good consistent work out of people.

i'm more of the following school of though: i'll lead them to the task i need them to do. i'll explain how it must be done. i'll even go so far as to make them understand the importance of it. if they then screw up, KAPOW. my father, on the other hand, somehow makes them feel as though it will make them better people to complete the task, and they even thank him afterwards.

black magic, i tell you.

i am very very sleepy. damned CoH kept me going till midnight last night. sooooo much fun. teamed up with a really talented controller who helped me blitz through a Tsoo mission. those guys are most irritating, what with their mind-sorcery, and good ol' Johnny G lacking in anything resembling a mind-sorcery defense...

mind you, i also soloed 2 missions that were at LEAST +2 on me, which makes Johnny a 1337 scrapper, methinks. almost to lvl 19, and that much closer to stamina!

ok. if my cuz doesn't show this afternoon for some reason, it will be very bad, so i sincerely hope everything works out and we can be done with the badbad.

CoH saturnight? i shall ask da boyz.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

and now it's time for SLEEP

to paraphrase Gwar. wow, if i had a dollar for every time someone has paraphrased Gwar...
today is very cold. today i am very busy. today...i am a man.
i have no idea either. it just seemed like a good idea at the time. pleeeeaaaaassseee stick, you stupid post!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Molari is emperor!

he's AWESOME! great acting. being normally so verbose, i can't stand the pressure of coming in under the WTF?!?!!?!one count that my lappy imposes on me when posting from work.
oh, and i'm back on track mission-wise in CoH.
all may rejoice. REJOICE!

Monday, February 21, 2005

lightning fast update thanks to stupid office computer mystery

bab5 is AWESOME again! I am very sad it is ending soon (1 cd left).
CoH fest on Sat. was EXTRAORDINARY (at least till i levelled past my second Trial).
oh well.
Mandarin lessons today. HL2 tomorrow!
oh, and da big boss is back. rejoice! rejoice!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


HL2 was teh awesome last night. i have very few words left if i'm to make this post stick (it's coming in from my montreal office! gggreaaaaarrgghhh).
'Za has a blog too, and it is cute. all shall read. go forth!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


why can i only post short blogs from work, but giant chunks of gibberish from everywhere else? it makes me soooo angry! the sharks! the SHARKS!

Friday, February 11, 2005


well, the meeting went about as well as i was able to make it go...
carlo tired now.
without patting myself on the back, because i still haven't witnessed all my readers in the same room and have no perspective on how much humility i should inject into this blog, i think i'm getting really good at this whole business thang.
i wish i wasn't, though, so that the stomach churning moments of truth would be on someone else's shoulders.
it feels kinda like this:
imagine you're a Brit in the trenches during WW1.  all along the trench, stretching as far as the eye can see in either direction, are 4000 blighters from your home town.  the objective is to knock out a single transmitter right behind the Huns' trench, and all it will take is for a handful of you to reach it.
most folk would, out of self-preservation, try not to run faster than everyone else after the whistle is blown in order to remain in the crowd and lessen their chances of being singled out.
you, on the other hand, know that you're easily the fastest runner there, and you can probably (!) make it before they cut your friends to ribbons.
if, on the other hand, i was flat-footed, nobody would tap me to perfom the impossible.  i figure i can keep this up for another 10 years or so, after which there had better be a villa in italy for me to go relax in...

Captain Picard is dead?

is Picard no longer on the morning show at 990?
what up wit dat?

crap, i hate what i've got to do this morning! sooooo much.

wish me luckzors.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Carlo's Log

oh, but that is conjuring quite the obscene image...

-Good Omens is ripe with the funny.
-CoH is quite amusing. The Plum dance party under the Atlas statue was EXTREMELY amusing.
-Sport Utility Vehicles were not designed for Carlo type people.
-My brother has quite the eye for hero costume design.
-I am more than a little sleepy today.
-Work is going relatively well.
-Mandarin lesson this afternoon.

Stay out of trouble till then, Carloman.

PS: Byron's still dead. All rejoice.
wow. not warning me about that slug is almost unforgiveable...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Audi means Patience, not Listen

geez, that car is gonna force me away into the arms of a competitor soon...

meetings all day with a potential agent type guy.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


well, i'm home again today. i got up, got dressed, and went to work this morning. within a couple of minutes, though, i was panting as though i had just concluded a marathon. i am still quite exhausted, and i shall sleep now.

grumble grumble. i had better recover enough to go over to mmm's later tonight. i am getting rather fed up of my frail constitution interrupting my pleasure like this.

byron's dead. byron's dead. everybody dance!

this laptop is so awesome.

okay. time to sleep. tried watching The French Connection II, but i can't keep my eyes open.

i ate some pasta (the first solid food in 2 days) about 15 minutes ago, and my tummy is cramping up. the joys of a recently voided system!

well, on a positive note, at least i have the luxury of coming home and sleeping...

later, true believers!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Byron's Dead! tralala

it's about bloody time!
OH. MY. GOD. His storyline is perhaps one of the most pathetic, corny, poorly acted, poorly conceptualized piece of crap I've ever seen.
The work of art that is the rest of the show only serves to really shine a light on how nauseatingly (and i know something about nausea, trust me) bad he and his long-haired D&D freakshow friends are.

thank God my stomach has decided to stop trying to climb out of my mouth...

no Doom3 Three tonight, though, cuz i've got to sleeeeeeeeeeeeep. at least we should be able to get together tomorrow night.

i actually dragged myself to the office for 15 minutes this morning. if Ali found out how difficult that drive was, she'd kill me, but I had to go in to clear some stuff up so i could rest for the remainder of the day. actually, the conference call i had while trying not to drop the phone this morning garnered us a couple of new orders, which is always nice.

kinda makes me feel less guilty about being home sick today.

and i'm actually SICK! it's not like i have the energy to play CoH or something.