Monday, January 31, 2005

Work! Damn You!

I cannot understand why I'm unable to post from work, and yet i'm able to from everywhere else.
wanna be home playing CoH.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

BloodBowl beginneth

it'll be fun to watch this season unfold, as my friends are all back with their good, interesting teams.
i myself have ZERO regrets for bowing out this season. i was worried that i would develop some as the season started...

CoH continues to provide me with a great degree of fun.

Lost (that very entertaining show) is doing the Bigshot "we don't need a new show every week cuz we're so popular" thang, which is starting to tick me off...

work is, well, business as usual. i resolved an issue with my big account, and the problem with the far east appears to lie squarely on the shoulders of the Dynamic "We speak-ah da western engrish ver gud" Duo. I will at some point have to raise this issue with Chen; namely that the two people he relies on for the day-to-day minutae are not entirely up to snuff as far as decision-making ability or simple understanding are concerned.

i'll deal with them when the time comes. which will be soon.

my cold continues to irritate me, and i am rather (excuse the pun) sick and tired of catching these minor afflictions.

Thanks be to Marc for introducing me to the wonderful world of Ny/Day Quil.

These stacking cold snaps are going to break my will, by the way. it would be nice to go back to the old winter ways, where we'd get normal cycles of cold/not-so-cold, instead of a 20 day WOW IT'S COLD marathon...

Chinese lesson this afternoon. Sigh. they are so exhausting, with me doing my best to actually remember stuff. i don't know how well it's coming yet, with this being the concusion of my first month. supposedly it will take at least 3 months to show any appreciable effects...patience, grasshopper.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Johnny Guano

yeah, he's cool.  I think I have a bad case of CoH today, and may just have to go home early.  heehee.  actually, i do indeed have a cold today, and my mind is ti-red.
that is one hell of a good game, and quite a nice diversion for me.  it involves most of my close friends, and Ali really enjoys watching as well.  mind you, as soon as she accepts the following 2 points, the more fun she'll have.
1-sometimes, there is NOTHING you can do to prevent your death, and regardless, dying ain't no thang anyway...
2-there is no real linear storyline, so one doesn't really suffer for missing out on a few hours of game play here and there...
so that's it, boys and girls.  i'm officially sucked in.  it is immensely (sp?) fun, and the boys have been exceedingly warm in their welcomes.
toodles from the front,
ps: somebody turn that damned thermostat back up.

Friday, January 21, 2005


that's the name of our new lappy.  it's purty, and has lots of shiny buttons.  y'know, i'm really going to have to sit down with it and (notplaystarwars) figure out how to use it...
mebbe i can ply mmm's brain with more alcohol and get him to show me how to update her drivers, etc...
oh,  star wars battlefront is the funnest of the fun!
last night, i fought alongside darth vader.  it's extra funny, cuz i play under the moniker Darth Carlo (paging dr freud...)
ahem, tomorrow beginneth CITY OF HEROES!!!
tonight, i lose some (sorely needed) cash, or so i say, though secretly i'm convinced that if i could manage to keep the work crazies out of my mind, i could take my share out of their hides...
ah, ego, my old friend...
for the twos and twos of you that may be interested, OurNewLappy(tm) is a toshiba qosmio g10.  it is also the biggest thing i've ever seen. most importantly, alise likes it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

oh, my brain hurts!

hoo boy, is work ever kicking my butt. i'm keeping both hands on the lid of my temper, as people around me are MEGA-grating on my nerves. i find myself biting my tongue to keep from sending the lot of them to hell...

here comes the boss. happy happy joy joy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


work situation still outstanding. ie not resolved. ie still stressful. ie CRAP!

cross all thine fingers, cuz if it goes bad, i'll probably relapse to crazy stressout carloman.

and it does work, narc! i have to do the whole ctrl click thang to get it to post from work, which allows something called 'cookies'...

i hope they're the chocolate chip kind. mmmmm.

so i took possession of a toshiba G10 lappy last night. it's ever so pretty, but i'm going to have to swap it for another one, since it has a dead pixel on the large, voluptuous, sexy screen...

HL2 rox so very much.

oh, and toniiiiight, lasagna and network securing funfun.

crap. work is sooooo stressful.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

brrrrrrrrrr, and then more brrrrrrrr

cold much?

so i'm waiting 10 minutes for the weekly status "drag Carlo over hot coals" telcon with our big Montreal customer. happy happy joy joy.

obstacles between me and a relaxing evening:

1-that meeting. (think good karma thoughts, k? just like last time).
2-samples to be delivered to another customer (don't screw up, danny!)
3-compoooter to pick up from dumoulin.
4-pricing to set up for new projects with customer #1.

c'mon, life. don't mess with me too much today, kthx.

also, i'ma waiting for a technician to show up here in the great white north. this will hopefully set up the network properly once and for all.

telcon meeting soon. oh happy day. >:[

Monday, January 17, 2005

i wonder if this will work

it's been sooo long,
how have y'all been?
*crossing fingers*